How we stayed at a Hilton for £1.90 a head – and you can too!

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Just occasionally, you get the opportunity to combine a series of deals that can make “travel hacking” a genuinely comically cheap pursuit.

One such opportunity is currently available, which enables you to get nights at a Hilton hotel for as little as £1.90 a head per night. I am not making this up. I have just returned from a 5 night stay at £1.90 per head a night – and it included breakfast!

How so cheap?

This rather amazing “hack” combines:

How do you do it?

First of all, you need to take advantage of the current Hilton 100% Honors points purchase bonus, which lets you buy Hilton points for 0.4p each. That means, at the headline rate, you’re paying £20 per night for a Category 1 hotel, which are all 5,000 points a night.

That, in itself, is a great deal.

The Hilton Salalah Resort – a Category 1 Hilton hotel


But you said £1.90 a head per night, not £20 a night!

Yes, and this is where the jiggery pokery begins.

The 5,000 points a night is the headline amount, but a five night stay at a Category 1 Hilton can be reduced from 25,000 points to an incredible 9500 points (cost? £38), as follows:

  • The current Hilton 2K every day offer gives you 2K points per night, so the net cost is 10,000 points (20,000 points less 5 x 2,000 points). Note that to invoke this on Reward Stays (i.e. those paid for with Honors points), you will need to charge something very small to the room to generate some base Honors points from the stay. Unfortunately this will not apply at Hamptons, where you don’t earn Honors points for incidental spend.
  • Book via the Hilton app, and you’ll get an additional 500 bonus points, taking the net cost of the room for the 5 days to 9500 points.
  • 9500 points will currently cost you £38, so that’s £7.60 a night.
  • With 4 people staying at £7.60 a night, you are paying a remarkable, remarkable £1.90 a head.

Anything else?

Yes – if you don’t fancy the 5 night stay, bear in mind that a one night stay will still give you fantastic value too. You’ll pay just 2500 points per night (£10, or £2.50 a head with 4 sharing) –  the 5000 Honors points room cost, less the 2000 points bonus, less the 500 bonus for booking via the app.

Even if you can’t find a Category 1 hotel that works for you, at these rates the offer also translates very well to the (ordinarily) 10K a night Category 2 Hilton hotels, too. 

In short, even ignoring the additional complexities I set out above, the bottom line here is that buying Hilton Honors points with a 100% bonus and spending them on Category 1 and 2 reward stays, is a fantastic deal. Make it better, and you can get crazy value – right up to £1.90 a head stays, including breakfast.


  1. Matthew Switzer says

    Forgive me for being dumb here but I don’t understand how you earn the 2k every day bonus points on a reward stay?

  2. Scottydogg says

    Do you have the links to the Hilton Catergories again ? they are always so hard to find , I seen you linked them in a story back in November 2016 but them links no longer work , maybe since the HHonours shake up 🙂

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