One Stop Guide to Upgrading on Qatar Airways

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Want to sample Qatar’s (QR) revolutionary new “super business class” Qsuites when they become available this June? Or even just their current exceptional business class? You could take advantage of Qatar’s regular flash sales, but there’s no fun in making it so easy is there? Here’s your essential guide to upgrading on Qatar Airways!

Are you excited about the new Qsuite?

Unlike other airlines, Qatar provides a variety of ways to snag that all-important upgrade. But first, in order for your ticket to be eligible, you need to be booked on a QR flight number, flying on a QR plane – so no codeshares. The ticket must also be a Qatar-issued ticket (the ticket number, which is different to the ‘booking reference, will start with 157). This just means you or your travel agent has booked the ticket directly with Qatar, unlike, for example, booking a Round the World flight with a OneWorld partner.

You are only allowed one-cabin upgrades but considering Qatar doesn’t have a premium economy product, you can go from economy straight to business. You also can’t upgrade from business to first class on their London to Doha flights.

The Upgrade Offer
The simplest method is to utilise the “upgrade offer”. These are opportunities to purchase an upgrade for a special discounted price and are sent out via email (so make sure you attach it to your booking) usually a few weeks before your flight. The cost varies every time and is non negotiable, on a first-come first-serve basis.

The offers will be for one segment, so if you are flying to Auckland via Doha from Manchester, you may get an offer for MAN-DOH or DOH-AKL, or you may get an offer for both segments to be purchased individually.

To give you an idea of the price, on my last trip to Delhi, I was given the offer of £349 to upgrade my DOH-DEL segment and for the return journey I was offered £543 for my DOH-LHR segment. Considering my whole return ticket cost me about £500, I wasn’t going to bite.

In the last year I’ve taken two trips from Melbourne to Manchester and the aforementioned trip to Delhi, that’s 12 segments in total. I’ve received an upgrade offer for exactly half of these. Interestingly, one of those trips was a last minute booking to fly out 2 days later and I received the offer the following day, so always keep a look out in your inbox in the days leading up to your flight.

An important thing to note is that if you have more than one person on your booking, every passenger on that booking has to purchase the upgrade in order to take advantage of the offer.

The upgrade offers I received for my last flight

Using Qmiles
Qmiles are the currency for Qatar’s frequent flyer loyalty scheme (Qatar Privilege Club). The number of miles required depends on the length of the flight. To find out how many Qmiles your flight requires just use the handy Qcalculator on the QR website.

For as little as 25,500 Qmiles you could bag yourself an upgrade from London to Doha if you are travelling on tickets sold under the “Flexi” fare category (with booking codes B, H and Y). If you purchased a “Value” or “Saver” fare (with codes V, L, K, N, M, Q or S) this same journey requires 30,000.

Doha to Auckland is one of the longest flights in the world and upgrades start at 42 500 Qmiles on a “Flexi” ticket. Not bad for over 16 hours of luxury flying. Considering this flight is operated by a B777, I think it’s a safe bet that it will eventually be fitted with those impressive Qsuites. For “Value” or “Saver” fares you require 50 000.

You can even upgrade the whole journey and get a discount. So London to Auckland is 64 000 on the flexible ticket or 70 000 on the cheaper fare.

Unfortunately, “Promo” fares booked under codes O, T, W or Tour Group tickets (booked under code G) are not eligible for an upgrade. Neither are tickets booked with miles. You can confirm your booking code on the Qatar website when you book your flights. Enter your flight details, then choose the flights and fares you want from the options provided. After you click “continue” there will be a summary page like the one below:

Ensuring you’ve booked the correct fare

A great feature is that these upgrades can be secured immediately online once you have purchased your flight. Just go to your Privilege Club dashboard online and type in your booking reference code into the “Upgrade” tab on the left. It will then show you which segments are eligible. If there is no upgrade availability, you will be placed on a waitlist and the upgrade may be ticketed at any time before the flight. If it doesn’t, then the Qmiles will be returned to your account after the flight.

Use your Dashboard to snag that upgrade

Using Qcredits
Qcredits are an added and exclusive benefit of reaching elite status with Qatar Airways and are gifted upon reaching or maintaining a tier. Qcredits may be redeemed for a variety of benefits such as excess baggage, to guest lounge access and of course for upgrades. They expire 12 months after they are issued. Gold members receive 40 Qcredits and Platinum members 60.

London to Doha requires 25 Qcredits for a business class upgrade and it is 35 for Doha to Auckland, whilst London to Auckland costs 50 Qcredits. As above, you can secure the upgrade online immediately.

That means in the year you first achieve platinum status, you would have enough Qcredits (40 from reaching gold, then another 60 when you reach platinum) to upgrade a return flight to Australia or New Zealand.

Upgrade at the Airport
If you haven’t managed to do any of the above, you still have one final opportunity at the airport on your day of departure. This feature is not available at every airport so make sure you check on the Qatar website for the list of airports. However, it is possible at both Heathrow & Manchester.
Once again, upgrades depend on availability and are on a first-come first-serve basis. Just approach a member of staff and enquire about an upgrade. You must ensure you have your privilege card to show them – either physical or on the QR mobile app. You can upgrade using either your Qmiles or Qcredits at the same rates as above.

But remember, you can only upgrade the forthcoming segment. So if you were travelling to Asia, for example, at Heathrow you may upgrade your flight to Doha. If you wanted to do the same for your onward journey, just find the Customer Service desks at Doha airport, or approach one of the agents at the lounges (Al Safwa, Al Mourjan, Privilege Club First Class or Privilege Club Business Class).

Follow these tips and you could soon be in this seat

Anything Else?
If you do manage to snag yourself an upgrade, any Qmiles and Qpoints (QR’s status credits) you earn will be based on the original fare code that was booked. If you have requested a special meal, they do not guarantee that they will be able to serve it in your new cabin if you upgrade on the day of departure.

Earning Qmiles is relatively limited here in the UK. They are a transfer partner with SPG, Marriott Rewards and Accor Hotels LeClub. You can also earn Qmiles from stays with Hilton. The other convenient method is to credit OneWorld flights to your QR Privilege Club. They also allow you to earn Qmiles (but not Qpoints) from anybody you have registered as a family member. QR also regularly holds Qmiles earning bonuses. Most of the year they have some sort of double Qmile bonus and in their last major sale they even had a quintuple bonus!

Bottom Line
QR has some of the best premium products of any airline and there are plenty of potential options if you are looking to upgrade. The process is relatively straightforward too, which is always good to see.

Has anybody been successful at getting their QR upgrades? Do let us know in the comments below!


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    Nice… welcome to the InsideFlyer team.

    Is it also possible to upgrade from cheap Business to First Class? Y –> J is the biggest leap in quality, but I’m sure there are a few readers who travel on discounted Business Class tickets and could be tempted by a leg or two in F!

    • Dr Redeye says

      Thanks Craig!
      So from what I understand cheap business class or ‘promo’ business fares book into R class and these should be eligible for upgrades with Qmiles or Qcredits to first class. I must admit, I have not tried this myself.

      But bear in mind, Qatar only has first class on their a380s and they ONLY fly the a380 to Bangkok, Guangzhou, Sydney, London & Paris. Additionally, london to doha flights are not eligible for first class upgrades.

        • Dr Redeye says

          I mean i should clarify… they do have an american style offering of economy and “first class” on short haul flights with no middle cabin e.g. within the middle east…
          On these flights you can upgrade from economy to first class.

          Yeah their long haul first class in very limited… but as the larger than life Al Baker likes to proclaim, qatar doesnt need to concentrate on their first class when their business is as good as first 😉

          • Craig Sowerby says

            Al Baker and some of the things I read about treatment of staff are precisely why I don’t typically fly on Qatar very much…

            I used to agree with Business being more than good enough. Until I tried CX and EY F and now I’m somewhat more of a “well, it’s just a few thousand extra miles for an F reward…” 🙂

          • Chris Robling says

            I bought an upgrade on my last flight home to Chicago from Doha in February. Got it at the service desk amidst duty-free after security. One can get good — or not so good — deals there. Best to know what you are willing to pay.
            Also, on (a-hem) some segments, QR regularly boosts Gold and Platinum Privilege Club members into Bx class, to open up seats in coach. That’s a sweet deal.

  2. Dr Redeye says

    As ive only been in this game for a year and I want to travel as much as i can, im definitely of the mindset that i’ll stick to business and get more flights out of what i’ve got.

    Saying that my first ever redemption booking was singapore suites…. there will be more on that in the coming weeks 😉

  3. Fraser says

    Both BA and Qatar advise that upgrading with Avios is possible, subject to award seat availability. But neither seems to know how to actually do it? Any tips on that?

  4. lluis says

    HI Dr Redeye,

    Thanks for the info, that unforturnatly I only read after my purchase. I was hoping I would get the online offer and then realized I paid for W class instead of the V class. I have booked business for the return flight home. Do you think I can still score an upgrade offer from QA for my outbound flight? Any suggestions ?

    • Dr Redeye says

      Hi Iluis

      To be honest its unlikely that you will get the offer because W is one of the lowest fare categories (along with O and T – the “promo” fares) and these are usually ineligible for other type of upgrades.

      Even if you were in another category (e.g. V) its not guaranteed – i reckon its only about a 50/50 chance.

      • Kim Amey says

        I booked a return economy flight to Bangkok on 9th December with a return on 3rd March next year. This was a W code and I got an online offer for the Doha to Bangkok sector which I took.

        • boobaholic says

          Can tickets bought in the W booking class be upgraded using QMiles ??

          If so, at what rate / same as which other booking classes ?

  5. Paresh says

    Hi Dr. Redeye,

    I am currently on holiday and I got here on a booking which was originally economy from LHR to DOH. Then DOH to SEZ (seychelles) At the airport we were offered an upgrade which costed around £560 pp. Which entailed the LHR (London Heathrow) to DOH (Doha) flight straight into the qsuites. With Qatar airways I find if you do go for the upgrade from economy to business then it’s the flyers prerogative to ask and as they always say “if you don’t ask you don’t get” and it really is that simple sometimes… (depends on how the day is going for the check in staff) but the qsuites meant we got priority treatment we got access to the amazing lounge at Heathrow and I am most definitely upgrading on the way back. For a 7 hour flight I believe it was an upgrade worth doing as you get to really unwind and feel like you’re on the ground in a double bed.

    I had a question as I don’t fly Qatar as often as Emirates… how do I check what letter booking I originally had and what are the letters referring to or is there a legend that can be put together?


    • Dr Redeye says

      I have to be honest, for £560 I probably would not ordinarily take the upgrade for just a 7 hour flight. However the thought of trying out the new qsuites would have seriously tempted me. But everyone values these things differently!

      But that’s great news to hear… and as you say, you have to be in it to win it.

      In terms of finding the letter code for your booking. When you are purchasing a return flight, choose the two options from the pricing page and when you click Next you will be taken to a summary page that will show the flights you have chosen and under the ‘Class’ column; e.g. Economy (W)

      if you have already made the purchase, you can check your Qatar-issued E-Ticket in your emails. Again, there will be a ‘class’ column that will display the code.

      If you use the QR Calculator (e.g. just input LHR to DOH) you can get a breakdown of all the different fare codes and what they correspond to.

  6. George says

    I have JFK-DOH-DPS return booked into Q fare code (economy). It’s now 10 days to departure and still no upgrade email, so I’m investigating what the situation is today. I have no status on Qatar (it will be my first flight with them.) I’ve read on some boards that sometimes calling about an upgrade might yield a lower price than the email offer, so I did just that. Called a US reservations office and asked. I was told that only the entire leg (not individual segments) can be upgraded ahead of time. The JFK-DOH segment has just 4 seats left on the A350, so they’re pricing into the highest fare code just over $8000 US for the entire leg to Bali. The DOH-DPS segments itself has just 2 seats taken in J and it’s on a 77W. The situation is similar on the return, where the DPS-DOH segment is rather empty, while the DOH-JFK segment is very sold through, so it prices at around $7500.

    To be honest, my wife and I are perfectly comfortable flying on the A350 in economy. It is the dreaded high density 777 3-4-3 we’re trying to avoid, so we’d rather upgrade just the segments to and from DPS. The agent on the phone told me I can do so, with cash, at check-in, if seats are still available.

    I’ll be waiting for the email offers to come in and if they don’t, ask at check-in at JFK and DPS.

    • Dr Redeye says

      Hi George

      Sounds like they were just quoting you for a “regular upgrade” i.e. a change of ticket, hence the exorbitant cost.
      Did you receive an email offer in the end? if not how did you find the a350 economy? I’m personally a big fan of QR’s a350 & a380 economy

  7. boobaholic says

    What is it with booking class W ??

    Can it be upgraded using QMiles ? If so for how many ??

    Same as B,H,Y, same as V,L,K,M or same as the others O,T,N,Q,S


  8. Faz says

    Hiya, I’m flying out today to Lahore on a Economy class (W) and have had the upgrade offer for both parts of the journey. £704 for Edinburgh to Doha and £301 for the Doha to Lahore leg, this changed as both were slightly cheaper when the offer came through on the app, so looks like prices could change i guess depending on availability, travelling solo so maybe thats why i received the offer even with my W class. Since i paid £530 for the whole journey, I’m going to pass, even though I’m mega tempted 😄

  9. Michael says

    I’ve booked 3 passengers MAN-BKK changing flights at DOH in economy (N) in December. We were thinking about upgrading to business class on the DOH-BKK and BKK-DOH legs, paying by cash. I can’t find anywhere on the website to do this. Can you be of any help? Can we upgrade, or do we have to wait for a special email or ask when checking in?

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