Is the Brilliant Accor Happy Mondays Offer Dead???

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I need to book a night in London for next week, so at 00:00 precisely this morning/last night, I eagerly fired up the Accor Hotels website and started searching for ‘Happy Mondays’ rates.  The Accor Happy Mondays offer has been running for years and has long been my favourite regular UK hotel sale, so I wasn’t expecting any issues. Then this happened:

Ok, not to worry – sometimes the rates don’t get loaded until later, so I went to bed pretty confident there would be something when I got up.

But no, I got the dreaded “no hotel matches your specific rates” message again. This happens sometimes when hotels are busy and it is the Easter Holidays next week, so no big deal.  I was a little surprised though that there was absolutely nothing at all available near London – even on the busiest nights there’s usually at least a few places on the outskirts near the airports or something.

So I started checking other cities and other dates and kept getting the same result… Uh oh.

The official Happy Mondays page was still showing last week’s booking dates too:

At this point I admit to being a little concerned: I absolutely love the Happy Mondays offer – it’s saved me thousands!

Further investigation was clearly required, so I headed to the Accor twitter page intending to ask what was going on. I’d already been beaten to it though by a couple of savvy travellers:


One week without the Accor Happy Mondays offer is fine, I was just relieved to see there isn’t a bigger change!

What is the Accor Happy Mondays offer?

Every Monday and Tuesday you can book deeply discounted hotel rooms for limited dates. As you can see, the rates are very low:

Outside of London:

  • Ibis Budget/ Ibis /Ibis Styles: £25.00
  • Novotel/Mercure: £40.00


  • Ibis Budget: £25.00
  • Ibis / Ibis Styles: £40.00
  • Mercure/Novotel £60.00
  • Pullman: £90.00

You can read the full details about Happy Mondays in this post here.

Nothing to worry about then?

Probably not, but…

The offer being cancelled for a week because there “are not enough hotels participating” sounds slightly fishy, and isn’t exactly a sign that the offer is in tremendous health.

For now though, I think we have to take them at their word – it is the Easter Holidays after all and hotel occupancy rates will be high. I think this may be something to keep an eye on though and it’s certainly a good reminder not to become too reliant on any particular offer.

Bottom line

Long live the Accor Happy Mondays offer!



    • Joe Deeney says

      I certainly agree it’s the best regular offer out there! – whether they’d be fools to change it though, I’m not sure. Increasing all the rates by a fiver would still be great value.

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