A Free £15 (or 1875 Avios) for New Sign-ups to TopCashback

topcashback sign up bonus new sign-ups

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For some time now, we’ve been promoting an exclusive tie-up with the excellent TopCashback, offering 1050 Avios or alternatively £10 cash to new sign-ups who spend £10 at any retailer on the site.

Joining TopCashback really is a guaranteed money-saver. In giving you bonus cashback on your travel (and other) spend, TopCashback is a great way to reduce the cost of your flights and hotels.

The New TopCashback Offer – More Cash, or More Avios

To celebrate the return of the 25% bonus on cash-outs from TopCashback to Avios until 20 May, we have boosted the sign up bonus from £10 to £15 from today (27 March) to 2 April (inclusive). Given that this is within the 25% bonus Avios period, that’s equally a potential payout of 1875 Avios if you take the Avios rather than the £15 cash.

To benefit from the £15 (or 1875 Avios) TopCashback sign up bonus, you simply need to sign up via this link, then visit any retailer and spend £10 with them (so, to be clear, that £10 spend will qualify you for £15 cashback!).

With a number of cashback offers on travel retailers, this gives you a great opportunity to reduce the cost of a flight or hotel.

Should you take the £15 Cash or the Avios?

The choice is yours. If, having earned the £15 bonus you decide that you want Avios, you simply cash the £15 out to Avios, with a 25% bonus – that will net you 1875 Avios, so you’ve not missed out.

We value Avios at around 1 pence each, so there’s clear value in taking the Avios. However, everyone’s circumstances are different, and it may well be that the £15 hard cash appeals – that’s more than understandable.

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