1600 Easy and Free Avios


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Hot on the heels of the 1250 free Hilton Honors points with e-Rewards, you can get a total of 1600 Avios by signing up to e-Rewards with Avios and BA Executive Club, and completing a survey within 60 days.

free avios

You’ll get 800 Avios for each survey, and bear in mind you don’t actually have to complete a survey, you just have to attempt to complete a survey. If it turns out after the screening questions that you’re ineligible, it will still count.

I already have an e-Rewards account

Just sign up with a different email address.

Unfortunately, I am fairly sure that you cannot benefit from these sign up bonuses if you already have an Avios or BA Executive Club e-Rewards account, even when you use a different email address. But, if you’ve already got an Avios eRewards account, by all means get the BA Executive Club bonus, and vice versa.

In line with Craig’s excellent “points and miles valuation” article, 1600 Avios is worth in the region of £16, so this is worth having a look at. 


  1. Adam says

    They appear to be reducing avios opportunities on erewards these days. When I joined it was 1000 avios for new accounts, some accounts offer 2000 avios per month we have and others only 1000 avios per month.
    I’m finding the best value route via them these days is via IB avios.

  2. Rob Rixon says

    Signed up for both as I have two old e-mail accounts that are never used but still active (Freeserve and Hotmail!) and I am already an active user of e-Rewards. I had forgotten that you had to fill out a load of blurb (check boxes and drop-downs) about yourself and your interests, work, play, etc, but it only took about 5 minutes for each account. So I’ll just wait for the survey and then see if the 800 Avios get posted to the relevant accounts! Cheers Tom!

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