Great Value BA Premium Economy Offers (+ Earn 10,000s of Avios!)

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There are some excellent BA Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus) offers available at the moment from Europe to the USA.

The best prices seem to be from Stockholm (Return flights from London start at £30), and you can travel to East Coast destinations like New York for ~£500 Return (exchange rate at time of writing: 11 Swedish Krona = £1)


and West Coast destinations like Los Angeles for ~£545


These are very good prices, particularly for the longer West Coast flights, where the extra space you get in Premium Economy can really make a difference.

BA Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus)

Triple Avios

Remember that if you fly before the end of March you can collect Triple Avios (need to register here), which can lead to some pretty hefty earnings on these flights.

If we take Stockholm-Los Angeles Return, for example, you would normally earn 11,774, so with triple Avios (Premium Economy earns 100% base Miles) that would be 35,322 Avios!

If you value Avios at 1p each, that brings the effective cost of the flights down to about £200 Return!!!

If you would rather save hard cash up front (and have enough Avios to begin with), you can exchange up to 40,000 Avios for a discount. 40,000 gets you £220 off (which is a terrible valuation, exchanging 24,000 works out at a slightly better rate), so your net cost would end up being £325 + 5,000 Avios, once you factor the Avios you earn back.


Personally, I’d much rather keep my Avios than exchange at that rate (barely above 0.5p per Avios), but the option is there.

Bottom line

While these prices aren’t quite in the same league as the ridiculously cheap Wowair flights we posted about yesterday, the fact that luggage, food/drink etc are included and that these flights are in Premium Economy, make them well worth considering.

If you can travel while the triple Avios promotion is on, the value is even better!


  1. Pangolin says

    The Triple Avios offer you linked to doesn’t work for me. I get the error message about not being eligible (I have an existing BAEC account – maybe it’s only open to new customers?)

    • Joe Deeney says

      Very strange! I don’t think there’s any restriction like that, and just signed up a bunch of existing family accounts for the promo now to test it. Try again a few times over the next couple of days (in these situations my instinct is that it’s almost always BA IT being weird), and if you’re still having problems send them an email to register you manually for the promo.

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