Absurdly Cheap Flights To USA West Coast – £120 Return!!!

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At InsideFlyer, we love a good deal and it’s certainly not always just about flying First Class. If an Economy offer is good enough we cover it, and US blog OMAAT has just posted a corker – Return flights from Stockholm to Los Angeles for a (frankly ridiculous) £121 in total! If you are looking for cheap flights to USA West Coast, this is the deal for you!




The flights are with Wowair, so involve a short stop in Reykjavik each way (which you might be able to extend and spend a couple of days for a little more money).

You will notice in the image above that to get the best price, you need to book the two tickets separately – the outbound on Expedia and the inbound directly with Wow. That’s a minor hassle of course if you actually need a Return, but the advantage (if you have Miles to spare) is that you could book a one-way daytime flight to LA for ~ £65 and then redeem Miles for the night flight back to Europe.


I doubt these prices are going to hang around for long, so if you want to go, book as soon as you can.

Remember that WOW are a low cost carrier and charge substantial amounts for taking luggage, booking a seat etc, so do take that into account if you need those things.

Return flights from the UK to Stockholm start at £30.

Daniel at OMAAT found the deal and has all the details, so for more info about the best ways to search for the cheapest dates etc, I’d recommend giving his article a read. Similar prices might well be available from other European cities (particularly in Scandinavia) to other US destinations.

Bottom line

We’ve seen cheap flights to USA West Coast before, but nothing like this! These are, by some margin, the cheapest I’ve ever seen. ~£60 each way is bonkers value.

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