£12.50 Quidco Bonus Offer (Best Ever Bonus!)

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Hot on the heels of the fantastic TopCashback offers we’re seeing at the moment, if you haven’t signed up with rival cashback site Quidco yet, you can currently get a massive £12.50 Quidco bonus! (UPDATE: Bonus is now £10)

This is the biggest Quidco bonus sign-up offer that we can ever remember seeing, and to the best of our knowledge, InsideFlyer is the only place offering it right now.

Quidco Bonus

To get the Quidco bonus, all you have to do is sign up using this link here and then earn at least £5.00 in cashback to trigger the bonus – so you’ll end up with at least £17.50 in total! We also receive a small referral credit (for the Christmas party fund- hic!), so many thanks!

I already have a TopCashback account, why do I want a Quidco account too?

TopCashback and Quidco compete fiercely to offer the highest cashback rates, so it’s well worth having an account with both sites to easily take advantage of the best rate at any given time, even without the sign-up bonus.

Intriguingly, Quidco also pledges not only to match the highest cashback rate you can find elsewhere, but to double the difference! That’s a potentially massive incentive.

Quidco Bonus

Quidco doesn’t allow you to transfer your cashback to Avios directly like TopCashback does, but we have written before about why that isn’t always such a good idea anyway.

Best way to trigger the bonus?

Quidco features hundreds (thousands?) of retailers, so in the run-up to Christmas you’re unlikely to struggle much to earn the £5 cashback required to trigger the bonus, even just through a bit of normal online shopping.

As regards travel, there are some good hotel booking offers on at the moment, and remember Quidco is the only UK site where you can get cashback on IHG (Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn etc) hotel bookings.

Quidco Bonus

Everyone needs groceries, so perhaps the easiest way is simply through earning cashback on your next shop (need to be a new customer, or set up a new online account at least with the retailer…):

Asda: £6.05 cashback when you spend £25 or more. Including the Quidco bonus, you could get £25 worth of shopping for £6.45!

Tesco: £6.60 cashback for any(?) new customer online grocery order. I can’t see a minimum spend requirement here, so you could potentially end up in profit!

Quidco Bonus

Ocado: £6.60 when you spend £40+. Stacks with an £20 off £80 voucher listed on the Quidco site too, so including the signup bonus you could end up with £80 of shopping for £40.90 – almost half price!

Waitrose: £5.50 for a new customer shop. Again, I can’t see a minimum spend requirement…

Morrisons: £5.50 for a new customer shop. Also no minimum spend as far as I can see, though there is a voucher for another £5 off if you spend £80 or more listed on Quidco.

Remember to check what TopCashback is offering too, because Quidco will double the difference if TopCashback is offering a higher rate!

Yes this is a travel site, but if we can help save you money on other things too (so you have more cash to travel with!) we will. The grocery offers above, in particular, are a fantastic way to trigger the £12.50 Quidco bonus cashback and save some chunky amounts stocking up on wine/chocolates/presents etc for the festive period!

Bottom line

This is the best Quidco bonus offer we can ever remember seeing and we’re pretty sure InsideFlyer is (at time of writing at least) the only place to get it. So, if you haven’t signed up before, now is definitely the time to do so!

We are reliably informed that this all has something to do with ‘Black Friday’ apparently…despite it being Wednesday last time we checked… To be honest, we’re still not entirely sure what ‘Black Friday’ is – but we think we like it!

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