Today And Tomorrow Only: 62 Bonus Avios And Cashback Per £5+ Online Spend

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We have made no secret of our enthusiasm for UK cashback site TopCashback. While obviously a valuable tool for everyday spending, it offers some excellent rebates on travel spend that can make good deals into great ones.


Where you’re using it for purchases you would make anyway, it’s as near to “free money” as you’re going to get (short of betting on England to fail miserably in major football tournaments).

While (to our slight despair) TCB recently removed the option of withdrawing your cashback to Tesco Clubcard points, it has compensated for this to a degree by recently offering a 25% bonus on withdrawals made to Avios. Accordingly, you will get 1.25 Avios for every penny in cashback you withdraw to the loyalty scheme.

TopCashback also offers periodic cashback boosts (whether site-wide or for specific retailers). One such boost is running today and tomorrow (28 and 29 October). For every purchase over £5 you make via TCB over the next two days, you will earn a bonus 50p cashback on top of the cashback you would ordinarily earn, up to a maximum of 5 transactions.

At 1.25 Avios per penny, that’s a bonus 62.5 Avios per transaction: complete the 5 transactions and you’ll earn £2.50 (or 312 Avios). 

Ok, so this certainly isn’t one to cancel all plans for over the next couple of days, while you desperately scrabble around for appropriate £5+ purchases. However, it’s a good opportunity to remind you about TCB and it’s occasional “bonus bonuses”. If you’d planned some online Christmas shopping soon, now is as good a time as any to do it.

Remember that the 50p bonus per transaction is in addition to the cashback offered anyway, so (by way of a random, if “Christmas shopping-related” example) a £5+ purchase at Toys R Us would net you the 50p (62 Avios) plus 3.15% cashback:

topcashback bonus

That cashback could then be withdrawn as cash, or converted to Avios.

It’s worth mentioning that there’s a couple of other offers from TCB that we’ve highlighted recently, namely:

Remember that if you are considering converting your cashback to Avios, we have given some thought here as to whether it is in fact your best option.

The full terms and conditions of this offer are available here.

If the idea of 60 odd bonus Avios gets you foaming at the mouth, you’re in luck – we also recently flagged a way to get a monthly dose of 60 Avios

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