Review: BA Terraces Lounge, Boston Logan International

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At the end of a 3 week trip to the US, we were grateful for lounge access at Logan on the return for a number of reasons

  1. With an overnight Club World flight from the East Coast, BA offer a Sleeper Service (more on that below)
  2. Logan airport is generally not a great place to spend any amount of time
  3. I like free gin and tonic (I actually also like paid-for gin and tonic, but the free ones taste better!)

The lounges in Terminal E are all located one floor down, in the far left corner of the terminal after you have finished being molested by TSA. Fortunately this is the end of the terminal where the BA flights depart from, so you just need to come up in the lift or the stairs, and you are pretty much at the BA gate. You walk along the corridor to reach the BA lounge someway along the corridor, walking past Virgin and Lufthansa lounges, and an Aer Lingus one that was still being fitted out (unless they have gone for a VERY minimalist look).

Sleeper Service

I’ll let BA explain this:


Sleep for longer

Brush off the jetlag and maximise your sleep time on board with our Club World Sleeper Service, available on selected North America and Middle East night flights.

We’ll welcome you on board with a night cap before turning down the lights and leaving you to a long and undisturbed rest in your fully flat bed. We’ll serve you a quick breakfast before we land, giving you enough time to freshen up for the day ahead.

Sleeper Service routes



Sounds a bit like you get much less service on board? You do, and that’s the point to maximise sleep. Now obviously we can’t go 6 hours without eating, so this is where the lounge comes in with a hot meal offered.

They seemed very particular that you had to be flying in Club World to access the “dining room” in the lounge, and were inspecting boarding passes. I presume this is to prevent passengers who are in the lounge by virtue of status getting access to the food.

The Food

The above section makes it sound very exclusive, so let me put that straight immediately. Banish all thoughts of anything even remotely like the Concorde Room, and think more like an IKEA cafe (but not on a Bank Holiday, it wasn’t actually that busy!)

The food offered was best described as “varied”


Cold Buffet Selection

  • Barley, quinoa and red lentil salad with orange-miso dressing
  • Couscous salad with cucumber, tomato, olives, garbanzo beans
  • Marinated cucumber salad
  • Fennel, radicchio salad, sherry vinaigrette
  • Kimchi slaw with roasted cashews

Of course, being a red-blooded male, I completely skipped the “rabbit food” and headed for the proper food section


Hot Buffet Selection

  • Baked lemon oregana cod with garbanzo beans, spinach and herb velouté
  • Braised chicken with smoked paprika and cremini mushrooms
  • Baked eggplant parmesan with tomato basil sauce
  • Asparagus peas and radish with tarragon
  • Roasted roma tomatoes with pesto and parmesan
  • Southern fried chicken
  • Steamed basmati rice

I opted for the cod, with some rice and tomatoes and the obligatory bottle of Sam Adam’s Boston Lager (when in Rome, and all that..)


OK, so the plate doesn’t look great there, but this was me serving myself something before a flight, not an episode of MasterChef! In all honesty, the food was actually pretty good (my wife loved the Kimchi and went back for seconds!). It won’t win any awards, but everything was pretty tasty, especially the tomato which was a very pleasant surprise, I went back for more of those, just before looking for the afters section….


Desserts & Cheese

Options here were

  • Poached plum with vanilla cream and pistachio
  • Strawberry and mango parfait with homemade granola and mint
  • Cheeses (with water biscuits and fruit chutney)
    • Gorgonzola
    • Gouda

I opted for the poached pear, despite it looking like a child’s bowl of jelly, it was quite nice.bostonlounge-jelly


In the dining room, there were a couple of choice of each red and white wine. I had a couple of glasses of the red with some cheese (just realised I sound greedy as I document everything that I ate), which was very pleasant.

In the main lounge area, there was a well stocked fridge with a few bottled beers as well as soft drinks. There was also a wide selection of spirits and mixers. All of which is self service, so no judgemental looks from staff. A family with 4 small, badly behaved children had just arrived, so I moved onto gin and tonic.

Lounge Food

For those not privileged enough to gain access to the canteen dining room, there was a selection of cold sandwiches and cookies.


  • Grilled chicken breast, pesto, fresh mozzarella
  • Smoked ham, manchego cheese, olive spread
  • Grilled eggplant, zucchini, peppers, olive spread

(Translation to proper English: Eggplant = aubergine, zucchini = courgette)



I also then found a dried fruit selection, so took a bowl of that to soak up the gin and tonics I kept helping myself to.


My son also discovered the M&Ms….


Just a small taster bowl, as he had eaten dinner, already (don’t know where he gets his appetite).


There were plenty of options, and I’m sure everyone would have found something they would enjoy, whichever food selection they chose from. The ambience of the lounge was not great, it was very brightly lit with hard flooring and very little soft furnishing anywhere. This meant a lot of reverberated sounds from screaming kids, which in turn led to a lot of gin and tonic being consumed. If you are looking for somewhere to take on some food and have a drink, this lounge is a solid option. If you are looking for somewhere quiet to relax and whisper sweet nothings to a significant other, this probably isn’t great for that, but in reality, whatever your are looking for in a lounge, this is better than spending any time in the public areas of Logan.


I feel I should apologise to the family with the 4 screaming kids referenced in this article, as when the mother told me they would fall asleep as soon as they got on the plane, I asked “Is that a promise?” In hindsight, that seems a bit rude, but it was the booze talking,  and your kids were very, VERY loud and did not sit still for one minute!

You might think I should apologise to Boston Logan International Airport, as I may have been harsh on it in this review, but I won’t because it’s an awful airport. The “priority” line for Business and First passengers is a joke, as it merges with the regular queue for security after passports and boarding cards have been inspected, but before the scanners so you still spend almost as much time queuing as the great unwashed.


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