Hilton Extends Its 100% Points Bonus – And Why You Should Care

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Hilton has extended its “Up to 100%” bonus on points purchases until 31 October.


This is worth flagging, not least because if you are targeted for the 100% points bonus it enables you to effectively buy rooms at Hilton Group properties for as little as £20 a night.

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If you are targeted for a 100% bonus the cost per point is around 0.4p (0.5 US dollar cents). As Joe said when we first wrote about this promo, that’s about as cheap as we see Hilton Points on sale for, so if it is offered to you it’s definitely something to think about.

For a more detailed assessment of the pros and cons of buying Hilton points at this rate, and the “value options” available to you if you are considering it, refer to this post.

If you’re not offered the 100% bonus, there may still be some value in buying at a lower bonus rate, but that depends heavily on what use for the points you have in mind. Our post linked above notes how you can use Hilton purchased points to get some serious value on both room prices and status. 



    • Tom Sumner says

      The 100% bonus allows you to buy points at 0.5p each (e.g. 40,000 points for $200)

      A Category 1 property costs 5,000 points a night, so $25.

      At today’s exchange rates, that’s £20.46.

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