Up To 100% Bonus On Hilton Points = £20.00 Hotel Rooms!

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Hilton HHonors has just announced yet another Points sale – this time offering up to 100% bonus Points until 21st October 2016.

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If you are targeted for a 100% bonus the cost per Point is just ~ 0.4p (0.5 US dollar cents). That’s about as cheap as we see Hilton Points on sale for, so if it is offered to you it’s definitely something to think about.

My account had a minimum 10,000 Point purchase (so 20,000 total) in order to qualify for the bonus, but that might be different on your account too.

Why should I buy Points?

My most esteemed Editor and colleague Tom (what can I say, it’s bonus season!) wrote an excellent post a few months back on precisely this topic in relation to a previous sale – so rather than waste time coming up with new ways to say the same thing, here is the post in full instead:

As a rule, I am really not a fan of buying miles or points. You generally get poor value, even with supposed offers, and in any event parting with your hard cash for something that you generally try and collect for free, to save you money, seems counter-intuitive.

However, there is some serious value to be found in buying Hilton points at half price.

Value Point 1: Redemptions at low Category Hilton properties

There are 60 Hilton (Category 1) properties where you can stay for just 5,000 points per night. As such, if you buy Hilton points at this 50% discount, you are paying US$25 (£20.00!) per night for your stay at these hotels.

There is a Category 1 Hilton hotel in the UK – the Hampton by Hilton Newport/East. Given that the standard rate there is £89.00, if you need to stay here you would be getting a bargain by purchasing the points to stay in this hotel.

buy hilton points

Moving up a notch, there are also 140 Hilton (Category 2) properties available at just 10,000 points per night. Again, taking advantage of this 100% bonus on points purchases, you are paying a very reasonable US$50 (£40.00) a night for these hotels.

Category 2 hotels in the UK are as follows:

Of course, these are just the UK properties – there is a huge number of lower-end Hilton properties abroad, whether Hilton category 1 (5K HHonors points) or Hilton category 2 (10K HHonors points).

If you buy Hilton points at effectively a 50% discount, and then use them at Category 1 and Category 2 Hilton hotels, you will probably get a great value stay, but as always compare the prices – it’s a simple comparison! Look at the cost if you buy directly, versus the Points cost (with each 1,000 points costing you £4.00).

It’s worth remembering too, that you get a free breakfast for all at Hampton by Hilton hotels, with 2 adults and 2 kids often able to stay in the room via a sofa bed.  A stay for 4 people, including breakfast, for £19? Now that’s value.

buy hilton points

At 5k points (£20.00) or 10k points (£40.00) a night, I think you have an absolute steal.

Value Point 2: Combine this 50% Hilton HHonors Points bonus with a status fast-track

As noted above, this bonus deal effectively allows you to buy Hilton nights for as low as £20.00 a night. Also currently available to you is a Hilton Status challenge, which allows you to fast-track to Hilton Gold status by making 4 stays (cannot be consecutive nights) within 90 days.

buy hilton points

So, if you signed up to this status challenge, you could get Gold Hilton Status and 4 nights at a Hilton hotel for as little as £80.00! The process is as follows:

  • Sign up to the Gold fast-track status challenge
  • Buy 20,000 points for $100 (£80.00),
  • Stay 4 separate times at a Category 1 hotel, costing 5k Hilton HHonors points each time
  • Hey presto! You’re Gold!

Bear in mind you don’t have to go with Category 1 hotels, of course, you still generally get fantastic value at the 10k a night Category 2 hotels (where you are effectively paying £40.00 a night), so if they work better for you, I would go for that option – you are still getting 4 nights at a Hilton and Gold status for an amazing £160.00!

And, by the way, Hilton Gold status is well worth having


  1. Andrew H says

    Buy between 10,000 – 19,000 Points and receive 80% more bonus Points.
    Buy 20,000+ Points and receive a 100% more bonus Points

  2. Mr Dock says

    For the Hilton staus, although it says 4 stays or 8 stays for diamond it seems that it is per night as its updated in the offers tab when you login.

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