Double The Value Of Your Nectar Points By Redeeming On Virgin East Coast Trains

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Convert your Nectar Points into Virgin East Coast Trains vouchers between 6th – 12th October and you’ll receive 50% of the Points back within 28 days – effectively doubling the value of your Nectar Points!


I can only find the deal advertised on the Nectar App at the moment, but there’s nothing in the Terms saying you have to transfer that way. Note that you will only get 50% of the Points back for your first transfer during the qualifying period, so don’t make multiple transfers.

Nectar Points are worth 0.5p each when transferred to Virgin East Coast, and the minimum transfer is 500 Points for a £2.50 voucher. To take advantage of the offer, either go through the app (I would just to be safe), or transfer your Nectar Points here.


The Numbers:

Say, for example, you had 1,000 Nectar Points and transferred them across to Virgin East Coast, you would get a £5.00 voucher + 500 Nectar Points back – which means you have in effect transferred just 500 Nectar Points for a £5.00 voucher. That means you would have got 1p of value for each of the 500 Nectar Points you’ve used up – double their standard value.

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Pedants could try to argue that you’ve actually only boosted the total value of all your transferred Nectar Points by 50% because your net position would be going from £5.00 worth (1,000) of Nectar Points to £5.00 of vouchers and £2.50 worth (500) of Nectar Points –  but to be honest I think that’s simply the wrong way to look at it.

Just because the process is slightly convoluted doesn’t alter the essential point that you have exchanged 500 Points for £5.00 of vouchers.

That said, it does mean that strictly speaking you can only double the value of up to half of your Nectar Points balance.

Bottom Line

Ok, so today might not be #TrainTuesday, but this is a really good offer! – Particularly if you stack it with the current 50% Virgin East Coast Sale between Leeds and London or the £15.00 tickets between Edinburgh and London that are also currently available. You could, for example, book a one-way train between Leeds and London for just the equivalent of £3.63 worth (726) of Nectar Points.

Nectar Points are (unfairly in my view) disregarded by many Points/Miles collectors in the UK, perhaps because their standard value is only 0.5p per Point. Offers like this are quite regular though, and I don’t think I’ve ever redeemed Nectar Points for less than 1p each, which obviously makes them twice as valuable and considerably more interesting!

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