Buy Avios For 0.88p Each – And Get ‘The Economist’ For Free!

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Iberia Plus and The Economist magazine regularly have good bonus Avios offers, and there’s one on until the end of October that effectively allows you to buy Avios for ~0.88p each.


If you opt for the ‘Print + Digital’ package you get 13,200 Avios for your subscription.

When you first click through the price is likely to show as £179.00 – which works out at about 1.36p per Avios. To get the lower price, you need click on the ‘change country’ button in the top right corner and switch the country to Canada. You’ll now see that an annual subscription costs just $190 Canadian Dollars – which is about £117.00!


If you don’t want the hassle of having to think of a Canadian address for the physical copies of the magazine to be sent to (I’m sure hospitals, libraries etc would be appreciative), you could just opt for the Digital only subscription which gets you 10,200 Avios for about £94.00 ($152 CAD) – working out at 0.92p per Avios.

The terms state that you should receive your Avios within two months maximum.

Remember that this is an Iberia offer, so you will need an Iberia Plus account. So long as you’re Iberia Plus account is 90+ days old, it’s easy to then transfer the Avios to BA using the  ‘combine my avios’ function on either site.


I wouldn’t personally buy Avios speculatively at this price, but with a specific purpose in mind you could definitely save a lot of money. If you’re a fan of The Economist too – even better!

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