Earn Triple Avios Points On British Airways Flights To All Destinations!

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You can earn triple Avios Points on British Airways flights to all destinations, so long as you book and complete your trip before 11th December.

ba triple avios 2

The triple Avios promotion applies to all fare classes, for up to four Return flights during the qualifying period, and you need to register here.

It is also possible to earn triple Avios flying on American Airlines, Finnair and Iberia for flights between Europe and North America.

I don’t value Avios as highly as I used to, but this still has the potential to be a very lucrative promotion. You can see the standard Avios earning rates in the chart below:

british airways ba avios

There aren’t any fare class restrictions to the triple Avios offer, so until 11th December the new earning rates work out at:

  • Economy Lowest: 75% of flown Miles
  • Economy Low: 150% of flown Miles
  • Economy Flexible: 300% of flown Miles
  • Premium Economy Lowest: 300% of flown Miles
  • Premium Economy Flexible: 450% of flown Miles
  • Business Lowest: 450% of flown Miles
  • Business Flexible: 750% of flown Miles
  • First Lowest: 750% of flown Miles
  • First Flexible: 900% of flown Miles

How good is this promotion?

I’m not usually given to praising BA much, but this is excellent – particularly in Business or First Class.

Percentages can seem a bit abstract, so let’s stick some meat on the bones and look at a couple of real examples:


For a member without elite status, a Return flight in discounted Business Class/Club Europe (fare class R or I) to Malta normally earns 3,844 Avios, but under the current promotion you would get 11,532!

Return flights in Club Europe to Malta can be had for as little as £240.00 for dates during the promotion – so if you value Avios at roughly 1p each, that’s almost 50% back. 

ba malta


Return flights in Business Class/Club World (I or R) to Seattle can be had for about £1,800 and normally earn 14,368 Avios. With the triple Avios promotion, you’d earn 43,104 Avios.

First Class works out even better, with price starting at £2,318 and earning a staggering 71,838(!) Avios per Roundtrip.

With a bit of careful planning you could earn enough Tier Points for British Airways Silver status after just one of these Return trips too!

Bottom line

There will be lots of fantastic deals to be had here (if you spot any, feel free to share them in the comments or on the forum!).

As a starting point you can use BA’s low fare finder to get an idea of prices, and then to work out how many Avios you would earn just multiply whatever the Avios calculator says you should get by six (it shows the amounts for one-ways, so you need to multiply by 6 rather than 3).

Can anyone find a better deal than the Malta example?


  1. Ian Perry says

    Aaaargh, I booked a flight to Athens yesterday, non-refundable at almost 24 hours to the minute before seeing this. I picked the wrong day to try and get through to BA quickly on the ‘phone. T’s and C’s say must book AND fly from 00:01 6th September, but can anyone speculate if I might still get the bonus having registered after booking but before flying?

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Ian,

      “Aaargh!” indeed. Unfortunately, it being BA I doubt it. On the other hand, with BA IT, anything is possible I suppose!

    • Tom Sumner says

      If it makes you feel any better Ian, I booked a (non-refundable) £450 Hilton stay minutes before the Amex “£50 off a £250 stay” appeared. Aaaargh.

      • Ian Perry says

        Yes, a little bit better, but you may have a window of opportunity to add it to your card before the Hilton transaction posts. Also, there’s a good chance that you could ring Amex and they’d honour it anyway. That’s very unlikely with BA, I suspect.

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