Digital cakes and €10 free – a (birth)day in the life of a frequent flyer

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It’s my birthday today, and so I’ve been receiving a steady stream of emails from all my favourite (and not so favourite) loyalty schemes. As you can probably imagine, being a frequent-flyer on a fairly obsessive scale, I am signed up to pretty much every travel-related programmes (and email newsletter) there is.


What you’ll typically find with these mailing lists is on or around your birthday, they will spam you with an obviously automated and horribly impersonal send you a lovely emailed birthday greeting.

As someone always looking for a little bit of an edge, or just a handful of free miles/points, I eagerly scour these missives to see if there’s anything included as a little birthday gift. There were certainly plenty of them.

Sadly, while Turkish Airlines, for example, sent me a lovely picture of a quite delicious-looking cake (note to Turkish Airlines: you can’t eat digital pictures, that’s just cruel) pickings have overall been pretty slim. Lot’s of birthday wishes, not many presents.


Lufthansa‘s Miles&More bettered Turkish slightly by sending me an email headed “Best wishes and 1,000 miles for you“. Sadly it wasn’t quite as straightforward as that, with the “1,000 miles for me” being subject to my booking a hotel through miles‑and‑

But there was one, genuine gift. I was half expecting it, as I’ve received it for the past three years and made full use of it on each occasion. Yep, good old German duty-free operator Heinemann once again sent me a €10 voucher for using in their various airport shops. The discount applies to any spend of €10 or over so, for example, last year I used it to get some great value Lego for my toddler.


The voucher is valid for a full year, so you’ve plenty of time to spend it (and if you don’t you should get a new one on expiry, anyway). Heinemann shops can be found at the locations listed below, so it won’t be of use to everyone, but if there’s a possibility you’ll be travelling through one of these airports, I suggest you get registered for your voucher.


To use the voucher you need to show it alongside your membership card, but you can simply store that on the Heinemann app.

So, my advice to the bargain-hunting frequent traveller? To avoid clogging up your inbox, let InsideFlyer filter through all the offers from the multitude of mailing lists for the ones worth flagging, but do sign up to Heinemann


  1. Ian Perry says

    Happy Birthday! I got an email from BA last week, offering me an early birthday gift
    4,500 for Economy short haul
    9,000 for Business short haul
    15,000 for Economy short haul
    25,000 for Business short haul
    These require me to fly between 1st November and 30th November. My birthday is in October; go figure!!??

  2. Charles Sant says

    Yes, I tend to get one of those from BA every year. My birthday is in February – I thought that my requirement was also February, but it may have been March.

    Of course my immediate thought was how lucky those people are who have birthdays in Summer months when they would be more likely to be flying.
    Of course, if my requirement is for February, I would only be getting 28/30 or 28/31 of the chances of some other person.

    Of course, this is almost the definition of a #firstworldproblem, and we really should embrace any incentives and freebies.

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