What Is My British Airways Fare Class / Booking Class? – And How Do I Find It?

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This post is part of a new project to build a ‘Travel Hacking Toolkit’. This time we are looking at how to find your British Airways fare class and why it matters. 

When you book a flight you might assume that all Economy tickets (and all Business Class, all First Class tickets) are created equal, but unfortunately it’s a little bit more complicated than that.

Over the years, airlines have developed a slightly bewildering array of different ‘fare classes’  – British Airways alone currently has 12 different fare classes (Q, O, G, K, L, M, N, S, V, Y, B, H) just for Economy tickets. 

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Why does my fare class matter?

Different fare classes can have different rules associated with them – things like how many bags you can take, how much it costs to make changes / cancel your ticket, the number of Avios/ Miles you will earn, etc.

For most Points / Miles collectors the thing we are most interested in here is how many Avios / Miles a flight will earn. Once you know your fare class, you can use the excellent ‘WhereToCredit’ tool to see which programmes you can earn Miles in for your flight, and how many Avios / Miles you will earn.

How do I find my fare class?

British Airways actually makes it quite easy to find your fare class.

When booking, simply click on the flight number link and then look for the relevant “Selling  Class” at the bottom of the popup window.


If you have already booked, click on ‘Manage My Booking’, enter your booking details and click through, and then just select the flight number link.

See – easy when you know how!


    • TheEngineer says

      This is still the case in March 2020. The instructions to find it are on the BA site (as they are on this page) but the layout has changed so that you can no longer access that information. Annoying.

      • jam says

        You can find your fare class by going partway through the process to change your booking (different day/time/flight). (obviously, don’t go to the end!) This works as of Sep 2023.

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