Where Should I Credit Airline Miles?

Simon Calder

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Working out what the best frequent flyer scheme to credit your flights to can sometimes seem like a particularly painful game of 3-dimensional chess.

where to credit

Depending on the airline you are flying, the Class of travel, the fare/booking class, and even how you book, the best place to credit your flights can vary. That’s without even mentioning the more subjective factors like collecting enough Miles to usefully redeem, status/tier points etc!

It can be a bit of a nightmare, but fortunately there’s a tool that makes things a bit easier.

Rather than having to track down and understand the earning charts of each airline individually, WhereToCredit.com does all the leg work for you and presents the results in a relatively simple and comprehensible manner.

where to credit example

It reduces what can be a complex and laborious task to a couple of clicks!

WhereToCredit also has an excellent Mileage Calculator which shows you a great variety of options all in one place.

mileage calculator

It’s not always perfect, so you might want to double check some of the results if it’s important, but it’s a brilliant time-saving starting point!

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