American Express Travel Related Offers

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For several years now, American Express has presented offers to their card holders via their online portal. Many of these are travel related and genuinely decent deals if they happen to match with your travel plans.

There has clearly been a new emphasis on this feature in the last few months, with many more simultaneous offers being presented. I have an American Express gold card which they promote as an ideal card for travellers, so it is unsurprising that around half of my offers are travel related.

Given the abundance of offers that are now being presented, it’s easy to miss new ones coming on, or indeed ones that are close to expiry that have been forgotten. To help with this, I’ll be running an update of this posting on a  bi-monthly basis, featuring all the travel related offers that are on my account. My hope is that it’ll be a twice a month reminder to look at your offers. Remember that although you will have many of the same offers, Amex does a certain amount of targeting, so your list of offers is unlikely to be identical to mine.

How It Works

You’ll need to log into your American Express online account and click on the “offers” tab to see which offers you have.  The mechanics of the offers vary. Most offers require you to “save” the offer to your card. Others involve going to a particular webpage, and others again require the use of a promo code.

An excerpt of my offer tab.

My travel related offers as of 26th Sept 2016

  • Transport for London:- 10 MR points per £2 spent, max 1000 points. Expires 06/11/16
  • Uber:- Get £10 off your first two rides. Expires 31/10/16
  • Heathrow Express:- Spend £50 get £10 back. Expires 11/12/16
  • Eurostar:- Spend £60, get £20 back. Expires 16/10/16
  • Sofitel Mgallery And Pullman Hotels:- Spend £250 get £30 back. Expires 21/10/16
  • Rocco Forte Hotels:- Spend £400, Get £100 back. Expires 30/10/16
  • Small Luxury hotels Of The World:- Spend £150 get £25 back. Expires 10/03/17
  • Mandarin Oriental Hotels:- Spend £550 get £100 back. Expires 06/12/16

You definitely should dip into your online account regularly to see what new offers have hit your account. It only takes a few minutes to potentially find a discount for something you were going to book anyway.

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