Triple Accor Points + 500 Points App Bonus

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It’s no secret that at InsideFlyerUK we feel Accor is a bit underappreciated compared to the other big hotel groups (in fact I wrote a whole series about how to get maximum value from staying at Accor hotels!). The recent bonus offers haven’t quite reached the dizzy heights available a couple of years ago, but they still tend to be solid – and the latest, for triple Accor Points, is no exception.

accor triple points

Register here and you’ll get triple Accor Points for all UK stays until the 15th November, as long as you book by 11th September.

The standard earning rate is 2.5 Points per Euro, so triple Points means 7.5 Points per Euro – or  about 8.77 Points per £1.00.

Accor Points have a flat redemption value of ~ 1.7p each  (0.02 Euros) and you can only redeem in blocks of 2,000 Points (40 Euros).

This means that triple Points works out at a rebate of just under 15%.

Couple that with cashback from either Topcashback or Quidco (which can be more than 15%)  and you’re looking at a pretty chunky return on your spend!

If you don’t fancy going down the cashback route, Accor is also currently offering 500 bonus Points for booking via the app. 500 Points is worth about £8.50 (10 Euros), so this could well be a better option than cashback on cheap stays, particularly if you can take advantage of ‘Happy Mondays’ rates.

accor app bonus

It’s also worth pointing out that there is a triple Avios bonus on at the moment too, although it doesn’t provide as much value as the triple Accor Points offer.

Accor’s IT is notoriously (hilariously?) ‘eccentric’ so I wouldn’t be surprised if you can benefit from both offers at the same time. I’ve got a couple of Accor stays coming up in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully I will be able to report back on that before 11th September!

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