Review: The “51st & Green” lounge, Dublin Airport.

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The Dublin Airport Authority recently opened its new business class lounge in Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport.


The lounge is a very welcome development at Dublin, as it is located after the US pre-clearance facility. This allows business class passengers travelling with Aer Lingus, American, Delta and United a chance to relax having completed USCBP screening.  Before the lounge opened, all passengers had to wait in the gate areas before boarding, with the limited facilities available there.

A unique location to meet demand

As noted by Dublin Airport Managing Director, Vincent Harrison, “Dublin is the only airport outside of North America to offer a lounge facility once the necessary PreClearance checks are completed”.

Why the need for a post pre-clearance lounge? Well, Dublin now has 4 carriers serving North America and using the pre-clearance facility, namely Aer Lingus, American Airlines, Delta and United.  Between them they are flying 276 times to and from 11 destinations in the US on a weekly basis, an average of almost 40 return flights daily. Dublin Airport now ranks 5th among EU airports for route frequency to North America having now surpassed Madrid. Indeed, only London Heathrow, Paris CDG, Frankfurt and Amsterdam are ahead of Dublin.

A look at the lounge

The new lounge is located on the ground floor, at the very end of Terminal 2. The location is unique as being the closest lounge to an active runway at any airport. Aircraft touching down on runway 28 at Dublin can be viewed “up close and personal”. At 750 square metres and with a seating capacity of 180, the lounge is spacious, bright and relaxing.





Somewhat uniquely, the entrance to the lounge takes its inspiration from the iconic Irish heritage site at Newgrange in County Meath, where the entrance passage leads into a chamber which is aligned with the rising sun at the Winter Solstice.  The lounge is zoned by activity, allowing customers separate space to relax, work, play or eat.

As you would expect, facilities in the lounge include complimentary WiFi, luxury showers, lots of power points, an entertainment area with sports channels and a concierge service.




In addition there is a Barista Bar with exclusively blended coffee beans from a local micro-roastery.


Dining choices have been selected to showcase Irish food with an American twist and will include Kenmare smoked salmon, New England clam chowder, Irish coastline fish pie and Macaroni & cheese.


Due to USCBP restrictions it is not possible to offer certain meat products, so fish and chicken feature prominently.





The “last stop” bites menu of warm food costs between €7.95 – €10.50.


Lounge access is restricted to passengers flying Trans-Atlantic with AA, EI, DL or UA who are in business class and hold an airline club card. Passengers with elite status travelling in economy will have to contact their respective airline to enquire if 51st&green lounge access will be available to them. The Dublin Airport Authority have yet to decide if passengers can pay separately to use the lounge and how much that will be, but I would not be at all surprised if the fee, if introduced, is higher than normal lounge entry fees. At the moment passengers who are members of general lounge access programmes such as “Priority Pass” etc are not allowed use this lounge.

Final thoughts

Overall, the lounge is comfortable area to relax while awaiting to board a Trans-Atlantic flight, the location is wonderful and giving excellent ramp and runway views. Dining options are tasty, fresh and not too heavy. I have no doubt the lounge will be very popular, so if you get a chance, check it out


  1. Michael says

    I have just had confirmation from the Dublin Airport Authority, that they will now accept walk in customers for their new “51st & Green” lounge past USCBP in Terminal 2 at Dublin, but with entry costing €39.00!!

    Bearing in mind, that the on-line and walk in price for the regular Exec lounges is €19.95 readers can make their own minds about value for money

      • Lad says

        Wow, thank you so much for replying! I am taking my mother for the first time from Dublin to Los Angeles, she has a lot of anxiety about traveling, and I get those passes with my credit card, so I wanted to be able to use them to ensure the start of a great trip 🙂

        • Michael says

          Sincerest apologies, Just to clarify, they will NOT allow single passes as you mention for entry. Sorry, but in my rush to reply, it typed wrong

  2. Deirdre says

    One of the photos indicated a charge for certain food dishes (last stop bites menu). I assumed all food and drinks were included in the €35 charge? Also are children welcomed? If so, is it for a lower fee. And lastly, given the food restrictions to the US, can u bring any food from there onto the flight?

    • Michael says

      Hi Deirdre;

      At the time of writing the only food where an extra charge applied was from the “bites menu”, all others are comp.

      In relation to children I am not 100% sure as I have never seen any in the lounge, but I am sure the Dublin Airport Authority can confirm this for you if you drop them an email

      As for taking food from the lounge onto a flight, all food in teh lounge is US agriculture restricted, hence its nearly all chicken & fish products and no meat. Of course, all foodstuffs are menat to be consumed in the lounge 😉

      Hope this helps

  3. Aidan Treglown says


    We have a flight from Newquay to Dublin, then Dublin to New York with Are Lingus. It is a connecting flight so assume once we pass Pre Clearance we have access to the 51st & Green Executive Lounge (providing we pay).

    And also that children are allowed, we have a baby of 14 months with us, are children allowed?

    Many Thanks

    • Michael says

      Hi Aidan;

      My apologies for my late reply

      Yes, on paying … you have access and Children under 2 are allowed in without charge, but strangely those over 2 will be charged the same as an adult

  4. Pat says

    Hi there,
    Just to clarify, if I was to book admissions to the lounge online at €35, will we receive food and beverages (non-alcoholic) free of additional charge and if so what kind of fare is provided? (or where might I view it)

    Many thanks,

  5. Will says

    If you have booked 51st and Green does this allow you to go through the Business Class queue for pre-clearance?

  6. Joe says

    Hi Michael, my wife and I are flying to Orlando in few weeks, and 51st & Green looks lovely, I read you mentioned alcohol beverages are included in price, we are just wondering if alcohol beverages include, Guinness, southern comforted,.
    Thanks in advanced.

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