Double Avios From eStore and BA Gate 365 For All Retailers – Up to 80 Avios per £1.00!

Some links to products and partners on this website will earn an affiliate commission. eStore and British Airways Gate 365 shopping portals are both offering double Avios for purchases from all of their partners until 23:59 on Sunday (17th July).

I generally value Avios as being worth about 1p each, so there are some pretty good deals here – definitely worth taking a look if you need to buy/book something anyway!

double avios

Note that these are just a few of the options that stood out as I flicked through the offers – there are 100s! I should also point out that although the two portals share many of the same retailers, there are differences (eg. Avios eStore tends to be better for travel related companies).


Hilton Hotels: 12 Avios per £1.00 (no cashback available on UK sites at the moment, so this is a great deal!)

Hilton double avios

Accor Hotels: 16 Avios per £1.00 (very good, but you should also bear in mind the bonus cashback available at the moment too)

Radisson Blu: 12 Avios per £1.00 (cashback rates are 6% elsewhere, so this is a good deal)

Britannia Hotels: 20 Avios per £1.00

Celebrity Cruises: 8 Avios per £1.00

Holiday Taxis: 20 Avios per £1.00


Lots of retailers offering 4-20 Avios per £1.00 including:

Banana Republic: 20 Avios per £1.00

Gap: 18 Avios per £1.00

Other retailers:

John Lewis: 4 Avios per £1.00

apple avios

Apple: 8 Avios per £1.00

Tesco Direct: 4 Avios per £1.00

Tesco Wine: 8 Avios per £1.00

Selfridges: 16 Avios per £1.00

Harrods: 16 Avios per £1.00

harrods avios

Fortnum & Mason: 14 Avios per £1.00

WHSmith: 20 Avios per £1.00

Planet Organic (organic supermarket): 30 Avios per £1.00


eFlorist: 30 Avios per £1.00

Interflora: 20 Avios per £1.00

Interflora avios

Hotel Chocolat: 20 Avios per £1.00

Godiva Chocolate: 20 Avios per £1.00

Sites I don’t know anything about that seem to offer massive bonuses:

UKHost4U (web hosting): 80 Avios per £1.00

Father Christmas Letters: 74 Avios per £1.00

Pay As U Gym (single use gym passes): 70 Avios per £1.00

BOTB (dream car raffles): 60 Avios per £1.00 50 Avios per £1.00

ancestry avios

Shirt City (personalised t-shirts, caps, etc): 50 Avios per £1.00

BitDefender: 50 Avios per £1.00

80 Avios per £1.00 is the same as buying them for 1.25p each, which is still considerably more expensive than I would advise (personally, I would need them to be about half that price to be interested), but there might be an opportunity there if you actually need one of the products.

Possible ‘profit’

I haven’t looked into these properly yet, but they could be worth investigating…

Royal Mint (with restrictions): 14 Avios per £1.00

royal mint avios

Magazine Subscriptions: 1,000 Avios for new subscription (some start at a £1.00 a month)

Finally, if you donate to Oxfam you might want to take advantage of this offer for 20 Avios per £1.00 (there are a few other charities on the Avios eStore too).


Double Avios makes some of these offers really rather good – particularly for Hilton and retailers like Apple and John Lewis where getting cashback or other discounts can be difficult/impossible. As ever though, always check what other offers are around and what Topcashback / Quidco are offering!

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