How to book Direct BA / AA Flights to USA For Under £200 Return!

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British Airways and American Airlines have some good prices for transatlantic flights at the moment, and by combining these cheap fares with BA’s temporarily boosted ‘Part Pay With Avios’ offer, you can book flights to the USA for under £200.00 + 15,000 Avios.

Unlike with most cheap flight deals, many of these these are direct flights – and from airports outside London too!

There are plenty of dates available at similar prices until April, so here are just a few examples:

Birmingham-New York (JFK), 1st November-9th November: £196.13 + 15,000 Avios

Birmingham to NYC 1

That works out at less £100.00 + 7,500 each way for direct flights between Birmingham and New York! That is an incredible deal, both in terms of the cash and Avios required.

To put it into context, a standard ONE-WAY Avios redemption from Birmingham to New York would cost £184.13 + 20,000 Avios (£277.13 + 40,000 Avios for a Return).

In other words, booking this way gets you a Return for just £12.00 more and 5,000 Avios less than a one-way standard Avios redemption!

Manchester – New York, 1st November-9th November: £225.24 + 15,000 Avios

manchester -nyc

Manchester – Philadelphia, 16th November-23rd November: £210.24 + 15,000 Avios


American Airlines plane

There are some excellent deals from other regional UK airports too, if you are willing to connect in London.

Leeds Bradford – New York, 16th November-23rd November: £238.03 + 15,000 Avios

leeds- nyc

Edinburgh – New York, 16th November-23rd November: £232.08 + 15,000 Avios


British Airways 747

Similar prices are available from Newcastle/Glasgow etc via London too, but if you can start your journey a bit further afield the prices are, frankly, ridiculously good!

Inverness – New York, 16th November-23rd November: £164.21 + 15,000 Avios


Jersey- New York, 16th November-23rd November: £175.95


(Bonus Tip: Remember that despite using Avios to reduce the cost, these examples still technically count as paid flights therefore still earn Avios and Tier Points. The direct flights from Manchester and Birmingham should earn about 1,700 Avios and 40 Tier Points. The flights connecting in London should earn approximately 2,000 and 50 Tier Points. You can check the specific routes using the Avios calculator here).

But, I don’t have 15,000 Avios…

Why not! – if you’ve been reading InsideFlyerUK you really should. Simply by following the tips here and setting up a household account you could have nearly 20,000 for free!

Unfortunately, the 50% part pay with Avios boost ends in a few days (12th July) so it’s probably too late to take advantage if you don’t already have a decent Avios balance (or Tesco Clubcard / Amex Membership Rewards points you can transfer over).

The prices are very reasonable even without the additional discount though, so you might still want to take a look regardless!

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