Club Carlson Status Match! – Free Upgrades, Welcome Gifts and Bonus Points at Radisson/Park Plaza/Park Inn Hotels

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Club Carlson (the loyalty programme for hotel brands like Radisson Blu, Park Plaza, Park Inn, Country Inn & Suites etc) has offered status matches for a long time, but they’re now actively advertising it.

CLub Carlson Status MAtch

Club Carlson Status Match

To request a Club Carlson status match, all you need to do is email [email protected] (put “Status Match” in the subject line) with the following:

  • Full name
  • Club Carlson membership number
  • Name of other frequent guest program
  • Membership number and tier level of the other frequent guest program
  • Copy of your membership card from the other frequent guest program (PDF or JPG files only)

Club Carlson has 3 elite tiers – Silver (15 nights/10 stays), Gold (35 nights/20 stays) and Concierge (75 nights/30 stays). They are only matching up to Gold, but that offers the same as Concierge minus guaranteed free breakfast and fewer bonus Points.

Silver Elite:

Silver Elite Member
  • Complimentary room upgrades, upon availability
  • 15% point bonus on all Eligible Stays
  • 10% discount on food and beverage purchases at participating in-hotel restaurants
  • Early check-in or late checkout
  • Access to an Elite Member Services line
  • And more

Gold Elite:

Gold Elite Member
  • Complimentary room upgrades, upon availability
  • 35% point bonus on all Eligible Stays
  • 15% discount on food and beverage purchases at participating in-hotel restaurants
  • Early check-in or late checkout
  • Access to an Elite Member Services line
  • In-room welcome gift
  • And more

Officially, matches can take up to a week to process, but I would expect it to be quicker than that in practice.

Is status with Club Carlson any good?

It’s not my favourite hotel loyalty programme, but it isn’t bad – and elite status is definitely worth having.  I probably stay 4-8 times a year at Club Carlson hotels, so wouldn’t have status if it wasn’t for matching (or through Amex Platinum).

Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester

Club Carlson may not have a huge global footprint, but it is surprisingly strong in some relatively niche markets that aren’t well served by other big chains (the Baltics for example). This makes having status with CC more useful than you might think.

Some points/mile/travel bloggers think Club Carlson doesn’t have enough high-end ‘aspirational’ hotels to get excited about (and if you’re talking ultra luxury, that’s correct), but I think they’ve actually got some really good places. The Radisson Blu hotels in Manchester and Dublin, for example, are among my favourites in those cities, and the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge in London can be superb value when it’s on sale.

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge

Club Carlson Gold usually helps me get an upgrade (sometimes a suite, normally to a ‘Business Class’ room which includes breakfast). Welcome gifts are always a nice touch, though hardly significant –  things like macarons/little cakes, fruit, water/soft drinks, occasionally wine etc. Late check-out normally means 14:00, though I have been offered 18:00 a couple of times.

Is it worth getting a Club Carlson Status Match?

YES! – send them an email now. It’s free, takes two minutes and the status is worth having.


  1. Andrew H says

    Is there a request for proof of stay in the other loyalty program? (I mention it because Hilton now requires it).

    • Joe Deeney says

      Not in my experience – also, the webpage asks specifically for an image of the membership card rather than a screenshot of the account, so it should be fine I reckon.

  2. Andrew H says

    Done. You’re certainly good at spotting these offers. Hilton, Leaders Club, SLH, Club Carlson…

  3. Joe Deeney says

    Cheers Andrew – I’m actually just in the middle of writing a post putting all the status matches in one place, which will hopefully have a couple of bonus ideas we haven’t written about yet too!

  4. Andrew H says

    Club Carlson’s response to my request for a status match with GHA Discovery:

    “We value your business and appreciate you as a Club Carlson member. We offer to match elite status that you have with any of the following programs:

    Delta Hotels
    Choice Hotels
    SAS- Eurobonus
    NH Hotels
    Melia Hotels
    Jumeirah International”

    I also had status with SLH and Leaders Club but Club Carlson won’t accept any of the three. Oh well!

  5. Andrew H says

    Update: Hilton status matched my SLH ‘loved’ status to Diamond.. And that meant I was able to use *that* new status to match to Club Carlson Gold. Huzzah!

    So that’s five chains with status now. Ridiculous!

    Does anyone know how long the new Hilton statuses last for? I thought It was until 2018, but my Awardwallet details seem to imply 2017.

    I’m a bit surprised Hilton gave me Diamond status, as I was expecting Gold. I shan’t complain!

    By the way, I’m currently on Jersey taking advantage of that ‘birthday 4,500 avios’ offer that BA sent me, in a hotel booked using that Earnaway link you provided a couple of months ago, so hopefully I can report success with those in a few days!

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