£75.00 Off London Hotels From Amex + Other Accommodation Deals

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As I mentioned yesterday, American Express offer regular discounts for card holders, and these often include money off restaurants, hotels and transport – which is great for savvy travelers. The latest offers have just been loaded and there are some interesting options for hotels in London.

If you have an American Express card actually issued by American Express (BA, SPG, Gold/Plat, Nectar etc), the easiest way to access the offers is simply to login to your account, click on offers and then click “save to card” for each of the offers you would like to select.

Amex hotel offers

If your American Express card is issued by MBNA/Barclaycard/Lloyds, or for some reason the offer isn’t showing on your American Express account, you should be able to sign up using the link to the Amex Connect below:

£75.00 off when you spend £200.00 or more at Landmark Hotel Group hotels

landmark hotels amex

“Save to Card to get a £75 statement credit on a transaction of £200 or more, when paying and staying at The Landmark London, Lancaster London or K West Hotel & Spa by 11 September 2016. Valid once per Card”

The Landmark is a very nice hotel, but even with £75.00 off it’s still quite expensive (rates are normally £250+ per night. If you can find a relatively cheap night though, £75.00 is a decent rebate. It’s also worth pointing out that The Landmark is a member of Leading Hotels of the World which you can currently get elite status with for free, so you might be able to get some status benefits too (DO NOT book through the LHW website though, or you will not get the £75.00).

K West Hotel Exterior_0
K West Hotel

More interesting to me are the Lancaster London and the K West Hotel.

You can find rates at both for as low as ~£100.00 per night (they offer a best rate guarantee, so if you find a cheaper rate elsewhere online, they should match it). You could then, potentially, get two nights for around £125.00 (£62.50 per night), once you factor in the Amex rebate, which is excellent for a 4* hotel in London.

Alternatively, you could just book one night and charge a meal/drinks to your room to get the bill up to £200.00. You would, presumably, have to book a flexible rate for that to work though, as otherwise you would just have two separate transactions, both under £200.00.

£100.00 0ff when you spend £300.00 with One Fine Stay

one fine stay

“Save to Card to get a £100 statement credit on a transaction of £300 or more at onefinestay on bookings made by 11 September and stays completed by 31 December 2016. Valid once per Card.”

One Fine Stay is basically an upmarket AirBNB. They only have properties in London, Paris, Rome, New York and LA at the moment, but some of them are lovely and definitely worth checking out if you like having more space and privacy than hotels offer.

Prices are expensive (similar to 5* hotels – in London anyway, I didn’t check the other cities), so you shouldn’t have too much trouble spending £300.00!

You can get an extra £20.00 off your first booking by signing up for their newsletter too.

£50.00 off when you spend £250 or more at Red Carnation Hotels

red carnation hotels amex

“Save to Card to get a £50 statement credit on a transaction of £250 or more when paying and staying at a UK Red Carnation hotel by 29 July 2016. One statement credit per stay.”

Red Carnation Hotels include the wonderful Milestone (3rd best hotel in London according to TripAdvisor), as well as some more (relatively) reasonably priced options like the Chesterfield Mayfair and Rubens at the Palace

Milestone Hotel
Milestone Hotel

Head For Points recently highlighted an offer with Red Carnation for 2,000 Virgin Club Miles per night, which you should be able to stack with the Amex rebate without any problem.

£50.00 off when you spend £250 or more at The Halkin by Como, or the Metropolitan by Como

Metropolitan Hotel amex halkin hotel amex

“Save to Card to get £50 back for each £250 of spend, valid twice per Card, when paying and staying by 17 July 2016. Valid on all spend at checkout.”

Both hotels are highly rated and look fantastic – prices start at about £250.00.

The Halkin by Como
The Halkin by Como

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