Take the Eurostar to Paris and Brussels in May for £29

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Eurostar has released another round of discounted one-way fares, offering travel to Paris, Brussels and Lille at just £29 (so £58 return, in case that needs clarifying). You can travel to Bruges (or indeed any station in Belgium) for £34.50.

eurostar sale

The booking window is tight, however: you have until the end of 21 April, 2016 (i.e. tomorrow) to benefit from this seat sale. Per the title of this post, travel needs to be in May, 2016. 

We have had a look at availability and it is currently good. Here’s Paris, for example:

eurostar sale

The yellow dates represent high availability and the non-white tiles also have some availability. On the basis of the available fares flagged above, here’s an extended weekend in Paris at £58 return:

eurostar sale

While researching this article, we also stumbled upon an interesting little tool by Eurostar called “The Hidden Costs of Flying: Calculate How Much You Can Save”.

eurostar sale

It’s basically a calculator that allows you to factor in all the “extras” associated with flying, as they apply to you, and then sets out the “hidden costs” of flying with easyJet, Brussels Airlines and British Airways versus going by rail with Eurostar.

While a touch selective in its choice of comparison fares, it’s an interesting read and a useful reminder of just what good value, and a convenient option, Eurostar can be.


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