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The InsideFlyer forums are increasingly becoming the place for UK travellers to discuss issues, flag deals, share their triumphs (or disasters) etc – and we want you to join us on them!

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So, until 12 February, we have a variety of prizes available to people who post on the forums. The prizes include free Hilton nights, IHG Platinum Elite status and SPG Points. What’s more, we are not just rewarding random postings – we will also be giving awards to the most useful forum posters, too!

The full range of prizes, and of course how you can win them, is as follows:

The random prize draw


  • 1 x Hilton night
  • 1 x  5,000 SPG points
  • 1 x IHG Platinum Elite status
  • 1 x free booking service with

Every post you make on the forums from today, Friday 22 January, until the end of Friday 12 February 2016 will give you one entry into the draw. We will then pick the winner of each prize at random on Saturday 13 February, and notify winners by email.

The “useful forum poster” awards


  • 1 x Hilton night
  • 1 x £100 Carlson Rezidor voucher
  • 1 x SPG 5,000 points

These prizes will be “earned” rather than randomly awarded. There is a Facebook-style “like” button on the forums, so other forum users can “like” your posts. The three posts that get the most likes between today and the end of Friday 12 February will win the above prizes. The winner will get their pick, and the runner up can choose between the remaining two prizes. Third place will obviously get the final prize.

Can I just write a load of pointless posts, and get entries into the random draw that way?

Technically, I suppose you could. But we’d really appreciate you not doing this. The forums are currently of a good standard – helpful and, dare I say it, reasoned discussion. We want you to add to this rather than simply wasting people’s time with nonsense – and we also hope you will find the forums genuinely useful. Ask questions, you will get useful answers!

The above said, we also reserve the right to disqualify any poster we consider to be going too far with unnecessary posts.

And, of course, useless posts are unlikely to get you very far in the “useful forum poster” award, which itself also contains some great prizes.

Any further questions?

You can either comment on this post, or send an email to [email protected]. Or you could of course post in the forums…


  1. Naomi Charlton says

    Hi – just a quick tip for all hotel loyalty scheme users out there! I apologise if it seems a bit basic, but it has nearly caught us out once or twice!

    It’s vital to a) register & b) monitor your progress on any special promotions your scheme may be offering. These can greatly enhance your points balance & it’s incredibly frustrating to just miss out by 1 night or whatever.

    Just by way of example, Marriott were recently offering 25,000 bonus points if you stayed 20 nights within a certain period. Keeping an eye on progress meant we remembered to stay 1 extra night in the final week & get to our 20 nights/25,000 points.

    The hotel operators rarely automatically enroll you in promotions, so please don’t assume that you are, you usually need to go to your account & register (ASAP so you don’t miss the start date). They don’t even always notify you of promotions, so again regular checking is vital.

    The Marriott promotion section is called Promotion Central by the way, accessible from within your Rewards Account.

    We really hope this is helpful! Naomi C xxx

    • Tom Sumner says

      Totally agree with this. My tactic is to always sign up for every promotion as soon as I’m aware of it – otherwise it’s so easy to forget. And yes, monitoring progress is also crucial too – the current IHG Accelerate offer being another good example of one where it’s essential to keep track of your progress.

      • Naomi Charlton says

        Yes, I think the IHG promotions are a great example as they are often inter-dependent as well (eg complete 5, eligible for the 6th)!

  2. SASAlex says

    Excellent competition and a great way to encourage people to post on the forum! I’m staying in an Intercontinental right after the competition ends so if you need to get rid of that IHG Platinum Elite status… 😉

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