Travelex Supercard – good value but a word of warning

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Travelex, the bureau-de-change group, offers a good value debit card which links to your credit card.


The advantage? It doesn’t incur any foreign exchange fees.

Your linked credit card sees the transaction as if it were a UK transaction, and so there is no exchange fee. This includes cash advances – which don’t show as if they were cash advances.

There is one big warning ,however – I had some serious problems when my card was cloned and used for fraudulent transactions in the USA when I was in the UK.

However, you can turn your card on and off via the web site to minimise the chance of fraud. So, if you live in the UK and travel a lot this card can be a big saver.


  1. Shane Kelly says

    Unless I’m mistaken, the SuperCard is no more (or less) at risk of cloning than a traditional credit card (yet the article seems to imply this is a major downside of using a SuperCard). As you point out, its possible to enable/disable the card when not in use – to me, this is one of its positive attributes.

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