315 Free Avios for Spending £5 Today

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Topcashback is offering even more free money…  Today’s offer is £3 of additional cashback for spending a mere £5. You have until 23:59 tonight – 15 February, 2023 – to participate.

As usual, you must “opt in” first.  Click here to be taken to the appropriate webpage.


Today’s bonus has no restrictions on the merchant. However, you must always be wary of purchases that might cost YOU more than £5, but thanks to VAT / other taxes will only track at an amount lower than £5. For that reason, I usually buy a gift card from Topgiftcards. Those transactions track immediately – for the exact amount needed to trigger the bonus.

As always, you can spend your £3 of cashback on Avios – with the 5% bonus you would receive 315 Avios.  (you will also pick up a varying amount of cashback depending on the merchant you choose.)

Or, like me, you can accumulate cashback waiting for a better conversion bonus.


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