Why My Topcashback “Payable” Balance is Getting Higher and Higher

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InsideFlyer UK are big fans of TopCashback. Even though picking up £2 here and £3 there might not seem to be worth the effort, a savvy travel hacker is usually looking to get something in return for their spending – miles, points, or indeed cashback…

Although there are many reasons to prefer TopCashback to the alternatives, a travel blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the option to cash out as Avios. For every £1 of cashback, you can choose to receive 105 Avios instead.

Because of this, my TopCashback “payable” balance keeps going higher and higher. But why?

Reason 1

I don’t desperately need £65+ in my bank account, where it won’t earn any interest. I’m happy to leave my cashback where it is. TopCashback has a long track record in the UK and is unlikely to disappear overnight…

Reason 2

I don’t desperately need 6,900 Avios right now either.

Reason 3

There might be another Avios conversion bonus…

There’s no point glossing over the fact that it has been at least 3 years since the last 25% bonus for TopCashback conversions to Avios. But you never know when IAG might need an injection of TopCashback cash…  Or somebody at British Airways Executive Club might dream up a special promotion for earning bonus Avios from different partners.

So what’s the harm in waiting for a better deal?

Reason 4

I might actually want to “buy” Avios for 0.95p at some point in the medium term. When faced with a choice between receiving £1 and 105 Avios, you are essentially paying 0.95p per Avios.

Since 0.95p per Avios is cheaper than the usual methods of buying Avios directly (during a promotion), I am happy to retain the flexibility to buy a few thousand Avios when/if I need them. But if I have already cashed out my TopCashback balance to cash, I would lose that option.

Bottom Line

By retaining a “payable” balance in my TopCashback account, I retain the option to buy Avios at 0.95p or better – whenever I actually need Avios. I might get lucky and be offered a better deal. But if not, my only (very small) risk is that TopCashback disappears overnight – or removes the Avios payout option without warning.

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