IHG Diamond Member? Don’t Forget to Do This Before Year End…

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IHG One Rewards made substantial improvements to its elite benefit offering in 2022. Most obviously, Diamond members can now enjoy complimentary breakfast and the potential for suite upgrades.

IHG has also made it easy for members to try out Diamond status for themselves. In the summer, IHG ran a status challenge that was open to all. (click here for details) And on 13-14 October, IHG mistakenly allowed members to sign up for “Instant Diamond” status. (and didn’t seem to penalise anybody for trying…)

You might also have held Spire status in prior years – perhaps mostly due to credit card spend or COVID-related extensions – and found your status converted into Diamond status mid-year.

In any of these scenarios, your Diamond status might be expiring on 31 December, 2022. But you don’t have to just sit back and accept the downgrade…

Sign-up for Ambassador

Signing up for Ambassador costs $200 (approx. £163) or 40,000 IHG points and is probably worthwhile in its own right.

If you sign up before 31 December, 2022 and stay two nights at an InterContinental, Kimpton, or Regent hotel before 31 January, 2023 (two separate one-night stays also works fine), you will receive 20,000 bonus points.

You will also receive the standard benefits of Ambassador status.

Elite Status with IHG One Rewards

The published terms of Ambassador status make clear that you will receive Platinum status with IHG One Rewards.

However, there is a glitch/loophole/travel hack – call it what you will – that you can hopefully take advantage of.

If you are CURRENTLY a Diamond member and you become an Ambassador this December, you should see your Diamond status extended until 31 December, 2023!

I signed up for Ambassador recently and within minutes I received an email from IHG One Rewards.


A quick check of my IHG One Rewards account shows that my Diamond status will expire on 31 December, 2023 – despite only 3 nights spent during 2022…


Bottom Line

As with all unpublished travel hacks, this might not work for everybody and/or IHG might decide to close this loophole.

But if you are currently hold Diamond status with IHG One Rewards and won’t be able to renew it the normal way – 70 nights or 120,000 Elite Qualifying Points – then an investment of £160+ in Ambassador status might well be worth it. Worst case scenario… you will enjoy Platinum status in 2023 and have a free night to spend at a nice Intercontinental hotel somewhere…


      • Michael Jennings says

        My renewal month a few months ago. I had Diamond status already. Renewing Ambassador extended my Diamond status to the end of 2023.

        • Craig Sowerby says

          Thanks for the data point. I understood that you weren’t allowed to renew Ambassador until the last couple of months before expiry.

  1. Bazz says

    I signed up to Amb earlier in the year and then nabbed diamond in the Oct ‘instant diamond’ promo, which I’ve used to great effect. As diamond is coming to an end on 31/12/22 what are the chances it’ll continue into January 2023 onwards……..? I think I know.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Looks like you did it backwards. 🙁 But who knew IHG would hand out Diamond status…

      Check your IHG account status anyhow.

  2. Rob Rixon says

    I tried to do this earlier on and even though the offer was visible in my account, when I clicked the link, the message, ‘the offer is no longer available’ was displayed, so I dropped IHG a note.

    The (quick) response was, ‘It brings melody to our hearts to know how interested you are in joining our “Join/Renew Ambassador, stay two nights, earn 20k bonus points” offer. I’d like to inform you that you will be automatically joined to our promotion upon enrollment in our Ambassador program membership.

    If you wish to pay $200, please be advised that for security reasons, we can only process your enrollment via phone call since we need to obtain your credit card information. You may call us directly on this number +44 1950 499034.’

    The number is legit and the first on my to do list in the morning.

    • Rob Rixon says

      Called them and IHG confirmed that the offer to sign up was still available until 31 December. Payment processed (£166) and Diamond status extended until 31 December 2023 instead of 2022. Cheers Craig!

        • Rob Rixon says

          Shame Joe, that the Met Hotel in Leeds is no longer an IHG as I thought this came under the Kimpton brand, despite how cheap the rooms were. That was going to be my ‘stay two nights’ in January, but the closest to me is now the Clocktower in Manchester and I’m not sure paying what would be 2 x £109 for the cheapest night (Sunday) is worth 20,000 points.

          • Joe Deeney says

            Ah yes – The Met is still just sort of floating as a non-brand IHG hotel. I’d absolutely love a Kimpton in Leeds, but it would take a lot of money and time to get it up to that standard.

            Obviously I’d never recommend paying anything like that just for the points, but the Kimpton Clocktower is great. If you fancy a night in Manchester anyway, just see the bonus points as sort of paying the difference between the Kimpton and somewhere cheaper. If you do decide to stay there, my top tip is to book through an agent who can book IHG Luxury & Lifestyle rates. You get the normal points and elite credit etc, but also $100 food/beverage credit (and breakfast, late checkout, upgrade, etc, that your status would get you anyway). You have to pay the standard Flex rate (usually about £30 more than lowest on Sundays), but it can be well worth it. The bar/restaurant is genuinely very nice and I’ve had some awesome upgrades.

            I pop over sometimes (particularly if there’s an Amex IHG rebate 😉 ) just for a quick 1-night break. Between the Kimpton social drinks, Ambassador bar credit, Lux/lifestyle credit, free breakfast and kimpton secret password perks, I don’t think I’ve ever had to pay anything more when checking out – despite always having plenty to eat and drink.

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