Is Iberia (and Perhaps British Airways) Dropping Distance-Based Avios Earning?

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Iberia Plus appears to have updated its website before making a formal announcement. And, if confirmed, the news will be massive!

Like British Airways, Iberia has traditionally issued Avios based on the distance flown on its flights. You earn more Avios for more expensive fares. Here is the current chart.

However, as I was looking at the benefits of elite status with Iberia Plus this weekend, something looked VERY VERY WRONG…

Under the “benefits” of Iberia Plus’ entry level “Clasica” status, the wording appears to have been changed to suggest that you earn 5 Avios per euro spent (on the actual fare, after stripping out taxes, surcharges, etc.)

The same “benefits” apply for each level of elite status, with the amount max-ing out at 8 Avios per euro spent for Platinum members…

8 Avios per euro vs. 5 (for Clasica) would also be a massive devaluation of the elite status bonus (from 100% to 60%)

Bottom Line

Has an intern been playing with the Iberia Plus website this weekend?  Or is there massive news on the way? And if Iberia Plus moves to euro-based Avios earning, surely British Airways won’t be that far behind – after all, Iberia flyers could simply just join Executive Club and “combine their Avios” later.

Given the massive impact, I would rather be wrong than to have discovered a “scoop”. Fingers crossed…

What would you think of a change such as this one? Let us know in the comments section…


  1. Henry Gilmore says

    I became aware that something was happening at BA when I tried during the week to book flights to USA using Avios only to find there were none available.

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