Germany Changes The Rules For Mask-Wearing On Planes – Again…

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Last month Germany announced a new plan to help combat the spread of Covid-19. Passengers on all flights in and out of Germany were told that from October until April 2023, N95/FFP2 masks would be compulsory.

However, the German Bundestag has now amended this set of rules and masks will no longer be mandatory on any flights or in airports.

Lufthansa have repeatedly argued that the mask-wearing rule was becoming unenforceable, so this will be greatly welcomed by the airline and its passengers.

Health Minister, Karl Lauterbach said that mask-wearing on trains and buses remains “sensible and necessary”.

“Everyone over 14 will be required to wear an FFP2 masks on long distance trains from October until April 2023. However, all other public transport requirements will not be mandatory and will be decided by individual federal states.”

The Government may decide to change any of these rules again, particularly if the number of infections increases dramatically this winter.

Bottom Line

This will be very welcome news for Lufthansa and its passengers, but who knows if and when the wind may change…

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