It’s Back! The Easiest Way to Receive 2p per Avios

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British Airways is offering an amazing deal this weekend when you part pay for your British Airways flight bookings with Avios. The offer will run until midnight UK time on Monday, 27 June, 2022.

In essence, you can save 2 pence per Avios. The number of Avios you can spend will depend on the base fare you are paying, but if you book a one-way flight from the UK you are likely to see offers such as:

  • 250 Avios = £5 discount
  • 450 Avios = £9 discount
  • 800 Avios = £16 discount
  • 1,400 Avios = £28 discount
  • 2,000 Avios = £40 discount
  • 2,500 Avios = £50 discount
  • 3,750 Avios = £75 discount
  • 5,250 Avios = £105 discount

If you book a return trip, the discounts will vary, but still reflect the 2p per Avios headline valuation. Click here for all of the details

For the avoidance of doubt, you are booking a PAID ticket, but you are reducing the cash cost by paying with Avios. So, you do NOT need to worry about award availability, etc. and you will actually EARN Tier Points and more Avios because you are booking a standard paid fare…

It is very important to note that you cannot combine “Part Pay with Avios” with any e-vouchers that you might still have hanging around.


[Edit:  The only eligible flights are long-haul flights in Economy and Premium Economy on British Airways]  🙁

Can this Promo be Hacked Further?

Unlike the version of this promo that ran in August 2021, you cannot take advantage of BA’s now-ended “Book with Confidence” policy to convert your Avios into British Airways credit.

HOWEVER, you can still take advantage of British Airways’ reduced Tier Point levels for upgrading or renewing your elite status with British Airways Executive Club.

As a reminder, Tier Point thresholds have been reduced by 25% until 31 December 2022. Therefore, between the start of your personal TP collection year and 31 December 2022, you must accumulate:

  • Bronze: 225 Tier Points or 18 eligible flights
  • Silver: 450 Tier Points or 37 eligible flights
  • Gold: 1125 Tier Points

You also need at least 2 flights on British Airways / Iberia for Bronze status and 4 BA/IB flights for Silver or Gold status.

Why might that matter? Well… if you are looking for a low cash cost method of earning elite status with British Airways, paying with Avios (and receiving 2p for them) is a great way to do it! You might have to fly to North America a couple of times in World Traveller Plus though…

Bottom Line

This is one of the more exciting promotions that British Airways Executive Club tends to offer. It is sad that the fine print limits the deal to long-haul flights in World Traveller / World Traveller Plus.

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