How to Earn Avios When Flying JetBlue

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With JetBlue now flying between London and New York – with Boston soon to follow – you might be tempted to try its renowned Mint Business Class offering on your next trip to the United States. But you might have been put off by the fact that you wouldn’t earn miles or Avios.

Luckily you now have another option. JetBlue is a partner of Qatar Airways Privilege Club. You cannot redeem Avios on JetBlue award flights, but you can EARN Avios on paid JetBlue flights.

  • Mint – J, C, D, I – 125% of miles flown
  • Core – Y, E, K, H, Q, B, V, R, W, M, Z, O, U, S, P – 100% of miles flown
  • Core – L – 25% of miles flown

You will, of course, need to have a Qatar Airways Privilege Club account and credit your JetBlue flight(s) there. After the Avios have credited to your Qatar account, you can move them over to British Airways Executive Club.  Click here to read our article about how to Combine Your Avios.

(you won’t earn any BA Tier Points because you are crediting to Qatar Airways Privilege Club)

American Airlines AAdvantage

JetBlue and American Airlines have been partners for a year or so. Notably, transatlantic flights are excluded from that partnership. (because of the joint venture between American, BA and others…)  But if you are flying domestically on JetBlue, you can also choose to earn AA miles. AAdvantage members can earn exactly the same miles as they would earn flying American:

  • AAdvantage member – 5 miles for every U.S. dollar
  • Gold elite member – 7 miles per $ (40% bonus)
  • Platinum elite member – 8 miles per $ (60% bonus)
  • Platinum Pro elite member – 9 miles per $ (80% bonus)
  • Executive Platinum elite member – 11 miles per $ (120% bonus)


Bottom Line

The JetBlue / Qatar Airways partnership now has two potential benefits. You can now earn Avios on those JetBlue transatlantic flights. But you might also have a long, but relatively cheap JetBlue flight planned in the United States. Earning 100% of miles flown (as Avios) could be much more valuable than earning 5 miles per US dollar on a cheap fare…


  1. Richard says

    If I book a JetBlue flight from LHRJFK, some are operated by American Airlines. Does that mean I can get BA tier points and Avios by adding my BA Exec number to this booking (as a OneWorld alliance partner with AA)?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      If you book with an AA flight number you would earn BA Tier Points and Avios.

      If you book with a JetBlue flight number you wouldn’t earn anything from BAEC.

      • Richard says

        Thanks Craig.

        So I was going to book through JetBlue (as the price is £1500 for exactly the same flight that AA are charging £7500 for!) but it’s a codeshare flight that is run by AA. I’m assuming JetBlue have “bought” a bucket of seats and they’re not all sold.

        I guess I’m asking whether I can use the flight locator code I’ll get from JetBlue in the AA app, assign it to my BA Exec account and get the tier/avios points?

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