July to December 2022 Tier Point Collection End Date? BA Elites Should Keep This in Mind…

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In late December, British Airways Executive Club extended the elite status of members whose Tier Point collection years end between 8 April and 8 June 2022.  This follows on from an earlier extension of those members with January to March year ends. As a result, everybody who met the criteria will keep their current level of elite status until early to mid 2023.

Executive Club members whose Tier Point collection year end falls between January and June can relax somewhat, although January members will have already started their next 12 month Tier Point collection year.

8 January 2023 Tier Point Collection Year End…

If that is your situation, congratulations… and make sure to re-read my article about the reduction in Tier Point requirements that will apply during 2022 ONLY. It looks likely that you will have to squeeze your renewal Tier Points into the 2022 calendar year (instead of your full 12 month collection period) in order to benefit from the reduction in Tier Point requirements. You can partially ignore what the BA website is telling you about your progress – as my example above shows – because they are based on the full, standard thresholds.

Some Advice for Members with July to December Year End Dates

Relax… You might get an extension too

British Airways Executive Club has been rolling out extensions in three month increments.  By March or April, British Airways might have announced another extension that would almost certainly apply to members with a July to September year end.

Or if not… just pursue one of my favourite travel hacks…

If April rolls around and British Airways decides NOT to offer another extension – don’t fret.  You could take advantage one of my favourite travel hacks. It’s been a few years since I’ve had cause to write about it – but it’s the “2 elite years for the price of 1” trick. To explain it again, here’s an example…

8 July 2022 Tier Point Collection Year End


If your Tier Point Collection year ends on 8 July 2022, you will require 450 Tier Points for Silver or 1,125 Tier Points for Gold. You must reach those levels BEFORE 8 July.

If you manage it, your status would be extended until 31 August 2023 (as always, you keep your status until the end of the month after your TP Collection year ends).

If you haven’t had much opportunity to travel between 9 July 2021 and now, you might find yourself with hardly any Tier Points and on track to fall well short of the requirements.

300 Tier Points short, with no Oneworld paid travel on the horizon…

NOT Renewing

However, if you don’t renew your current level of elite status, a July year end member would continue enjoying their status until 31 August 2022 regardless. If you currently have Gold status, you would also “soft land” to Silver status on 1 September 2022, even if you don’t meet the requirements for Silver.

However, if you manage to earn 450 Tier Points AFTER 9 July 2022 but BEFORE 31 December 2022 (or 1,125 Tier Points for Gold), your status would be valid for…  the rest of your current Tier Point Collection year as well as ALL of the next.

Using the dates of my example, your new status would be valid until 31 August 2024!

The same strategy would apply to members with an August, September, October, etc. Tier Point collection year end.  But, naturally, the later in 2022 your next TP year starts, the less time you have to take advantage of the reduced Tier Point requirements…

Bottom line

Which would you rather do? Rush to squeeze a few Tier Point runs into the first half of 2022, and have your elite status last until mid 2023? Or would you rather wait and see? You might get another extension but, if not, you could pick up those Tier Points in the second half of 2022  and end up with status until 2024…

I know what I’m doing (with my August year end)…  I’m chilling out with a glass of wine and waiting for news of another extension. If not, I can travel hack my way in the autumn of 2022 to nearly two more years of British Airways elite status.

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