Blue Monday – Should You Buy Avios with a 50% Bonus?

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For “Blue Monday”, British Airways Executive Club is offering a 50% bonus when you purchase Avios before tomorrow – 18 January, 2022.

You can then Combine Your Avios to move them over to Iberia Plus, should you so choose.

You will be charged in the currency of the country where your Executive Club account is registered. In general, the price in US dollars is poor. Whether sterling or euros works out cheaper… depends on the fluctuating exchange rate.

For those readers with a UK-based Executive Club account, this is what you would pay:

In general, you would be paying approximately 1.1p per Avios…

How Does This Compare to Iberia’s Regular Bonuses?

When Iberia Plus offers to sell Avios with a bonus, you also receive 50%. But because Iberia Plus prices its Avios in euros, you can often come out a bit ahead.

For example, buying 40k + 20k = 60,000 Avios today from British Airways would cost £655. When the Iberia Plus promotion comes back around, you would pay €757, which at current exchange rates would cost £631.

You should never buy too many Avios if you do not have an imminent need for them – another reason to wait for the next version of this promotion…

Bottom line

1.1p is certainly not a price to be buying Avios speculatively. But it can be a great price when you need to acquire large sums of Avios for a specific long-haul 2-for-1 booking, for example…

Are you a buyer of Avios? Let us know in the comments section…

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