What Do You Think About EE Bringing Back Roaming Charges For Using Mobile Phones In The EU?

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Despite previously stating that it had “no plans” to reintroduce roaming charges for UK customers travelling in Europe post-brexit, EE has now announced that it will, in fact, be bringing in a charge. If you join or upgrade from 7 July 2021, you will be charged £2 a day to use your allowances in 47 European destinations from January 2022.

EE claims that the move will,

“support investment into our UK based customer service and leading UK network”.

Will other networks do the same?

This is a tricky one.

Currently (despite some new ‘fair use’ restrictions), the other networks continue to say that they have no plans to bring back roaming fees, but as we saw with EE, “no plans” can become “plans” very quickly.

It’s easy to imagine at least some of the other networks introducing something similar, but if they did, there would then be a clear competitive advantage for the network/s that didn’t – at least in terms of marketing. Being able to advertise having ‘no roaming charges’ would certainly be a strong message to frequent travellers and anyone who spends part of the year living abroad.

Bottom line

£2 a day might not sound that bad, but it adds up quickly if you spend a lot of time outside the UK.
What do you think about the new roaming charges?


  1. Anita McCullough says

    Any chance to make money from those who are not alert or ill-informed eh? Many peeps don’t know what geoff is on about, which is very sound; detach (or never get embroiled) with your mobile phone in whatever restrictions are advertised. Me, I am for PAYG and outright purchase of the device as long as I can afford that, which I appreciate, is not for everyone.

  2. Allan says

    With so much free Wi-fi everywhere and if you’ve got a good vpn you should never be out of touch albeit a bit asynchronous.
    Then there’s Signal text voice and video – all Facebook free!
    We won’t be stuck!!

  3. Ian Davis says

    Even the well informed will get caught out sometimes because they forget to switch off roaming. Every year around the beginning of June I recall having to remind company mobile users to switch off roaming before going on holiday unless they had checked beforehand what the allowances were. Even then, there were always a few who came back to be faced with large bills for ‘excessive’ personal use (‘reasonable’ personal use was accepted).

  4. Jo Dee says

    I often wonder when these companies will ever learn that the public will remember theses broken promises. I for one will be taking my business elsewhere, and hopefully one of the other UK providers will see an opportunity to hoover up the many disgruntled users that will ensue. They might extract a few more quid in the short term but the damage to their image, credibility and perception by the British public won’t be forgotten

  5. Brian Turnbull says

    Yet, Another thing the UK citizens WEREN’T told about BREX-SHIT. Nothing new from these money-grabbing parasites. That’s the floodgates open for the UK people to get royally screwed.

    You voting in a clown. what do you expect?

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