New Luxury IHG Rewards Points Redemption Rate Slashed By More Than 50%

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Yesterday, I published an article explaining how it is now possible to redeem IHG Rewards Points at (some) Six Senses hotels and resorts. This provides some great new luxury options for IHG loyalists, and hopefully we’ll see the rest of the Six Senses properties added soon.

There was one problem though, which was that the Six Senses Botanique in Brazil was pricing at a ludicrously exorbitant rate of 237,500 points per night:

As you can see above, this was for a hotel where regular cash rates are ~£350, meaning that you would be receiving a comically low ~0.14p of value per IHG Point. You should normally aim to get at least 0.4p of value per point and can often do better.

I mentioned in the previous article that the “value is so bad there that I’m actually leaning towards the current pricing being a mistake”. I therefore got in touch with a contact at IHG and asked them to take a look. The good news is that it was, in fact, a mistake and the points rate has now been reduced by more than 50%:

“The prices of Botanique have been updated. The correct price for those dates is now showing, but please note that it will change over time due to dynamic pricing.”

 If you want to use points at the Six Senses Botanique, the current rate is 110,000 points per night:

According to IHG, we can expect that to change a little though, as “Dynamic pricing evolves over time based on demand, availability and other factors. We’ll see these prices flex up and down over time as bookings flow in.”

Bottom line

Paying 110,000 IHG Rewards Points to save £350 still isn’t a great deal (it remains worse value than the other Six Senses options), but it is an awful lot better than paying 237,500 points!

Are you looking forward to staying with Six Senses?

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