£2 Extra Cashback (210 Avios) On A £5 Spend

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Our favourite cashback site, TopCashback, has launched an offer till midnight today, giving you a bonus £2 cashback on any spend of £5 or more.

To benefit, simply go to this page and register. You’ll then need to make the purchase before 23:59.

Given that you’ll also earn the ordinary cashback on the purchase, this is a great way to get a little added bonus. A spend of £5 would have an effective 40% discount plus the applicable cashback, for example.

You can also cash out your TCB cashback to Avios with a 5% bonus, giving you 1.05 Avios for every penny you withdraw via that method.

Clearly there’s a vast range of options for your £5 purchase, but a topical example is Thorntons, where in addition to the £2 rebate you will get 5.8% cashback.

In addition, it will work on gift card purchases, so you can get a “40% off”, plus cashback, gift card here. Just don’t forget to register for the promo first.

Apologies for the late notice on this one!

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