Global Science Summit on COVID-19

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Something slightly different today. There is no Nectar angle and no good value Hilton points deals to talk about.

If you have been living under a rock, in an underground cave, on another planet, with  your fingers in your ears shouting “la-la-la” for the last 16 months, then you won’t know what COVID-19 is. For everyone else, I will assume you are familiar with the ongoing pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

I stumbled across details of an upcoming summit on COVID-19 and specifically relating to travel. The event is sponsored by World Travel and Tourism Council, Carnival Corporation, U.S. Travel Association and Hilton. It is (obviously) a virtual event, taking place on April 15th (tomorrow). Personally, I’m keen to understand more about the science of this virus, and hear from actual experts on how we can safely get back to travel.

Event Details

Per the website  the event promises

The Summit will bring together top global scientists and health experts discussing the latest discoveries, evidence-based insights and best practices for living in a world with COVID-19 and will build on a well-received similar forum hosted last year by the WTTC and Carnival Corporation. This year’s event will continue those discussions while helping to build global and industry-wide understanding of COVID-19’s impact on society, including the necessary steps to move forward.


The event will be of interest to global tourism leaders including WTTC members, government agencies, destination partners, trade and private businesses who want to hear up-to-the-minute science and medical research that can be used to inform practical, adaptable and science-based solutions for mitigating COVID-19 in order move beyond the pandemic.


A series of panels will focus on critical areas of science related to COVID-19 with panelists sharing the latest knowledge of key topic areas, including the epidemiology of the virus, transmission, testing, prevention, treatments, vaccines and the newest approaches to help mitigate and live with


The event starts at 3:00PM GMT, and runs until 6:30PM. The full list of speakers, agenda and registration link are all at
At the very least, it will make a change from talking about how many Nectar points you can earn on tomatoes at Sainsbury’s!


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