Do You Care That British Airways Is Closing Its Elemis Spas?

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Last week, British Airways confirmed that it would not be re-opening its Elemis spas, even once all the COVID restrictions have been removed:

“We’re proud to work with Elemis, a brand our customers love, and we continue to provide their products on board our flights. Our Elemis lounge travel spas have remained closed throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and we have decided that they will not be reopening. Over the coming months we will be reviewing new propositions to support our customers’ health and wellbeing pre-flight.”

Spa treatments were previously available at various BA lounges at London Heathrow and at New York JFK.

Do you care that the Elemis spas are closing?

We have given BA plenty of (in my view) justified criticism over the years, as well as praise for improvements too. This particular change just leaves me a bit cold though to be honest – I don’t really care either way.

On the other hand, my colleague and good friend, Henrik, over at InsideFlyer Denmark, was a big fan of the treatments and is sad to see them go:

A massage chair and a facial massage are quite delicious after a long night flight to London. Henrik Olsen.

I was wondering what InsideFlyer readers felt about the spa closures – and whether it would make any significant difference to how keen (or not) you are to fly with British Airways. Are there any other amenities that you would like to see replace the spa treatments?

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  1. Sally B says

    It has always been a scramble to get an appointment and with the concerns around CV I can understand why BA have decided to close the Elemis Spas. But it does give Virgin the edge should they choose to keeptheir spa facility in the Clubhouse which is highly thought of as a lounge offering.

  2. Doc says

    Not going to miss it. In the last 10 years, only managed to get one appointment and it was very underwhelming. Because we generally connect from/to long haul from domestic flight with less than 2 hours connection, walk in was never an option either and when You First cant get you an appointment 3 months in advance, you know there is an issue.
    In contrast the service provided by Etihad (when it was available) both at LHR and AUH were much better.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Similar issue – I’m usually connecting, or just don’t fancy spending more time than necessary at the airport. Even if appointments were easy, (beyond initial novelty) I’d probably only go if I was hanging around long enough to get bored.

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