Get 25% Off ALL Your Iberia Flights For A Year!

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With the news that Spain is set to open up to UK tourists from June, Iberia is an increasingly attractive airline for those wanting to get away (and indeed earn Avios in the process).

It’s also therefore helpful that Iberia is currently offering up to 25% off gift cards bought before 2 May 2021. The gift cards are then valid for a year, and can be used on flights booked through

You can only use these gift cards on flights operated by Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum.  i.e. NO codeshares…

iberia gift card

Note that the “up to” 25% discount works as follows:

  • £50 for £45 (10% off)
  • £100 for £85 (15% off)
  • £300 for £240 (20% off)
  • £500 for £375 (25% off)

If you are planning to book a flight before 2 May – and would prefer not to leave any excess value that could potentially expire unused – you can also enter the amount of your choice and receive a 10% discount. InsideFlyer contributor Craig recently did just that in order to buy the exact 80 euros needed for a cash booking. (paying 72 euros)

iberia gift card

Is this Iberia gift card deal worth it?

Clearly, if you plan to book an Iberia flight sometime in the next week, this is an excellent opportunity to knock off up to 25% off the cost. If your planning isn’t imminent, but you are still highly likely to book an Iberia flight before May 2022, you can also jump on the big discount.

You don’t need to use all of the gift card on one purchase – any left over credit after a flight is paid for will remain on the card for the full year. As such, even if you’re not aiming for a £375+ flight, you could do a series of lower value flights over the year, all covered by the credit.

With some excellent air fares currently available with Iberia, this is a potentially good way to further discount your flight. Just make sure that your plans include Iberia flights only (and not the multitude of codeshares also available on

Will this work on taxes and fees on Avios redemption flights?

As you may well be aware, Iberia Plus typically offers Avios redemptions with a much lower tax/fee charge than BA redemptions. However, the gift cards CANNOT be used to pay the tax portion of your Iberia award flights. (you can however combine the gift card with the Part Pay with Avios facility – i.e. reducing the price of a paid flight in exchange for Avios – which may nor may not be a good deal…)


  1. Gtellez says

    Can you use two different gift cards in the same booking? I would like to buy a flight that costs 1300 euros, so it would be good for me to buy 2 or 3 gift cards

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I just bought one to make an immediate IB flight booking, but I didn’t check to see whether you could input another discount code after the first one is confirmed.

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