INCREDIBLE Hyatt Deal – Get Globalist Status For Two Years By Staying Just 15 Nights…

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With a range of COVID vaccines now on the brink of being deployed, I’ve started to consider future travel again, properly, for first time since April. By the middle of 2021, there is every chance that the vast majority of people in at risk groups (in richer countries at least) will have been successfully vaccinated and travel will be bouncing back.

If you envisage yourself travelling frequently again sometime in the next couple of years, it might be wise to take a very close look at the latest range of promotions from Hyatt. To cut a long story short, if you stay 15 nights at Hyatt hotels between 1st January and 28th February, you will earn top-tier Globalist status until February 2023. You’ll get a load of bonus points too…

How does it work?

The usual number of nights required for the various elite status levels with Hyatt are as follows:

  • Discoverist – 10 Qualifying Nights
  • Explorist – 30 Qualifying Nights 
  • Globalist – 60 Qualifying Nights

For 2021, those requirements have been cut in half:

  • Discoverist5 Qualifying Nights
  • Explorist15 Qualifying Nights
  • Globalist30 Qualifying Nights

If you register for Hyatt’s current ‘Bonus Journeys’ promotion, you will earn double elite night credits until 28th February 2021 (as well as 3x the standard number of redeemable points). This reduces the number of nights needed to the following:

  • Discoverist – 3 Qualifying Nights
  • Explorist – 8 Qualifying Nights
  • Globalist – 15 Qualifying Nights

Note that you do have to register here to earn double nights.

Is World of Hyatt Globalist status good?

Yes – it is widely regarded as the most lucrative of all the elite status options offered by the major hotel loyalty programmes. You can find the full list of benefits here, but it includes things like Club Lounge access, free breakfast, suite upgrades, 4pm checkout, etc.

In normal times, many frequent travellers (including InsideFlyer’s Craig) go out of their way to ensure they requalify for Globalist each year, despite the high threshold. Being able to earn Globalist from just a quarter of the usual number of nights is therefore an exceptional opportunity.

Hyatt status lasts for the year it’s earned in, the whole of the following year, and then until February of the year after that. So, you would effectively earn status for 2 full years. 

Can it be done cheaply?

Travel is unlikely to be anything like back to normal by the time the promotions ends in February, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities.

Perhaps the simplest option would be to do a ‘mattress run’ at the Hyatt Place West London Hayes. Rooms are widely available for £45 per night:

15 nights would set you back ~ £675, but since members earn 5 base points per US dollar spent, and those points are worth roughly 1.6-1.8 US cents each, the 3x promotion means that members can earn a 24-27% rebate on their pre-tax spend. In addition, a free night certificate for a Category 1-4 hotel (up to 15,000 points per night) would also be earned.

It is worth mentioning that award nights also count towards status, and that Hyatt has an overlapping promotion offering a 15% rebate when you book using points.

Bottom line

If you see yourself travelling again in the next year or two and fancy giving Hyatt Globalist a go, it is worth running the numbers on these promotions.


  1. James Mc says

    “To cut a long story short, if you stay 15 nights at Hyatt hotels between 1st January and 28th February, you will earn top-tier Globalist status until February 2023. You’ll get a load of bonus points too…”

    Can you start your stay in dec and finish 15 consecutive nights in Jan like previous offer for 30 nights?

  2. Pangolin says

    Are you sure that nights in the first two months of 2021 will count double?

    I thought maybe nights till end of 2020 earned one night in 2020 and also carried over one qualifying night into 2021 (to count towards status), but that this only applied till the end of the year.

    Happy to be proven wrong of course!

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Yes. I’m sure. 🙂

      The promo is quite clear. 1 elite night “in the year it is earned” and 1 additional elite night in 2021. So any checkouts between 1 January and 28 February will earn double.

      It’ll never be easier to obtain Globalist!

      • Abucordoba says

        I stayed back in October in a Hyatt and they only credited me with 2 nights (instead of 4 as my understanding of the promotion) . My globalist concierge stated -‘ if you stay TWO qualifying nights during the promotion period in 2020, you’ll earn 2 Tier-Qualifying Night credits in 2020 and 2 bonus Tier-Qualifying Nights (awarded after the Promotion Period ends) that counts toward 2021 activity.
        Bonus Tier-Qualifying Night credits will not appear until two to three weeks after the promotion has ended.’

        So now if I stay for 10 days, say I checkout on the 3rd Jan 2021 before the promotion ends, I would earn 10 nights for 2020, and 10 for 2021 or would I earn 40 nights because I check-out in 2021? or have I got the maths all wrong!

        • Craig Sowerby says

          You received 2 nights for your October stay and you will start off 2021 with 2 elite night credits.

          If you stay 10 nights with a check-out on 3 January, 2021, all of those 10 nights will credit to 2021. Then you will receive a bonus 10 nights. 20 in total for 2021. Plus those 2 nights owed for that October stay and you’d have 22 nights for 2021.

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