Get 10% Cashback At Amazon If You Have A Curve Card (Targeted?)

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Curve recently sent out an email to (at least some) cardholders, offering £10 cashback when spending £100+ at Amazon. 

“Enjoy 10% cashback at Amazon this Christmas!

You made the nice list this Christmas, so we’re treating you to £10 cashback when you spend £100 or more at Amazon. Be quick, this treat is up for grabs for just 14 days. It can be one big purchase or a few smaller ones, hit the £100 mark and we’ll load £10 cashback onto your Curve Cash card on the 17th of December 2020. For a strong start, add your Curve Card to Amazon. That way, you’ll never pay without your Curve Card and miss out on rewards.”

The terms are clear that the £100+ spend can be completed as one transaction, or multiple smaller ones.

Unfortunately, what is slightly less clear is when, precisely, you need to complete the spend by. The email mentions that the promo is only available for 14 days, and that the cashback will be loaded on the 17th December.  I received the email yesterday morning (2nd December), so 14 days would suggest you need to hit the £100+ spend by 16th December at the latest. If you can hit the spend sooner though, I would try to do so just in case – otherwise, you may end up having to argue your case.

Bottom line

A 10% rebate at Amazon is never a bad thing at this time of year! Did you receive an email about the offer from Curve?


This promotion is not sponsored by Amazon and there is no relationship between Curve and Amazon for the provision of cashback.

To be eligible, you need to spend £100 or more (or the equivalent in your local currency) at

Eligible customers will receive their £10 cashback reward on their Curve Cash card on the 17th of December 2020.

Curve cashback limits differ by tier: Curve Blue (90 days on 3 selected retailers) Curve Black (Unlimited time on 3 retailers) and Curve Metal (Unlimited time on 6 retailers).

Curve retains the right to amend the terms of this promotion without any prior notice. Curve retains the right to hold, void, cancel, suspend, amend or withdraw the promotion payout at any date where it becomes necessary to do so, even after the promotion has ended.


  1. John Browell says

    Got my invite. Typically after our recent big spend. But this might be an opportunity to buy some non perishable items I would use over the year, and stock up.

  2. Craig Sowerby says

    Worth highlighting that you can probably load your Amazon account with £100 credit if you don’t have anything imminent to order…

  3. rjn21 says

    I specifically asked on the Curve community support forums if legacy cards with the old Curve Rewards scheme (as distinct from the current Curve Cash scheme) benefit. No reply. So I’d assume not.

    • Alex W says

      I have black legacy and got the offer via email so would think I had grounds to complain if the cashback didn’t turn up…

    • pablo says

      I asked them through the in-app customer service messaging and got the following reply:
      Yes, the offer does apply to you!
      To get everyone in the Christmas mood we’ve decided to indulge you with some extra cashback this December. You’ll be able to earn it by following two simple rules:
      Rule one – spend with your Curve Card on Amazon between 1st and 14th December.
      Rule two – make sure you spend at least £100 altogether.
      It doesn’t matter how many transactions you’re going to make. As long as you hit the £100 mark in the given period of time, spend with your Curve Card on Amazon and you aren’t on Santa’s naughty list – you’re in for a treat!
      Elves will make sure to deliver your gift on 17.12.2020.🎁

  4. VK says

    This is a good approach. I will follow this path. Maybe just add to Amazon cash. That’s also classed as a valid transaction, correct?

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