600 Avios for a Few Minutes of Your Time

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Survey websites are often maligned for being a waste of time. Sometimes you answer a few questions, or even most of the survey, and then the system tells you that “you don’t qualify for this survey”. I think I’ve figured out the system, so I manage to earn several thousand miles per month, simply by speeding through a few surveys each week. I won’t call them “free” miles, since somebody will come along to comment that time equals money or some wisecrack like that…

But for those who don’t see the value in regularly taking surveys, it can still make sense to sign up and earn some bonus miles for completing just ONE survey. “Rewards for Thoughts” is offering 600 bonus Avios for new members who complete a single survey.

Since you earn a minimum of 25 Avios for completing a survey, you’d be receiving at least 625 Avios for completing that single survey. I recently signed up and completed a survey worth 50 Avios. Within 24 hours the Avios were in my Executive Club account…

Another element to keep in mind is that survey websites can come in quite handy when you need to earn some Avios to keep an account active. Perhaps not your own personal accounts, but I’m sure that many of you also manage the accounts of extended friends and family who struggle to keep on top of their expiry dates.

Signing up your extended family and completing a survey once in awhile is a great way to keep Avios alive for free. In that sense “Rewards for Thoughts” is much better than E-Rewards, since one competed survey always equals Avios in your account – no need to build up a “points balance” that is later converted to Avios…

If you are interested in signing up for “Rewards for Thoughts”, here is the link you will need – click here.

What do you think of the survey websites? Love them? Hate them? Let us know in the comments section…


  1. Alex says

    I have completed the first survey a few months ago and earned 25 Avios, but they did not pay me the 600 Avios bonus and did not reply to my email asking about it.

  2. Scott says

    Seems to be non-stop “enter your age”, “do you accept this?”, “start survey…no survey shown….survey finished” etc. without getting to anything. Too many pages to go through for zero result. Same reason I stopped using some other survey site years ago. Started well and then loads of 20-30 min surveys that kicked you out after 90% saying you didn’t qualify.

    Only managed to get into 1 survey that asked me if I played games. Said no and it asked about my gaming habits and then ended abruptly.

  3. Scott says

    Comments above were from using my mobile phone.
    Tried again on my laptop and so much better. Far less intrusive bits, and things flowed better.
    Actually completed a survey and it says I’ve now earned 625 Avios.

  4. Gary says

    Absolutely rubbish. It only wants me to download spyware on my PC or phone which I have declined. Says other surveys are not suitable for me!

  5. cinereus says

    I wonder why survey websites are “often maligned”!? I challenge anyone to do this in “a few minutes”. I tried and failed horribly. And it tried to install spyware.

    First of all I set up an account.
    Had to log into my EC account to get the number.
    Then had to confirm my email.
    Then had to complete several surveys about my personal info.
    After that I had to wait some time to be offered surveys.
    I came back half an hour after the previous step and tried three separate surveys. All kicked me out saying I was not of any use after the first 3-5 questions.
    Then I had to wait again.
    After that I got about 10 mins into a survey before being told I wasn’t what they were looking for.

    So after about 60 mins I still didn’t get my ~£3 worth of Avios 🙁

    Before I shut down the computer I did the Smarkets weekly offer twice and and timed myself. 7 minutes in total for £18.

    Please do a screen recording if you believe it’s possible to earn this £3 in less than 30 mins.

  6. John says

    My wife was on the verge of losing her Avios as we hadn’t travelled BA for a while, she registered for this last week and earned 650 Avios, which have already been credited to her account.
    Thanks very much for the heads up.

  7. Rob Rixon says

    No problems with this at all. 625 Avios in my account after signing up and completing a survey. Took about 20 minutes in total.

  8. Chris Callaghan says

    I’ve earned 4500 rewards points in 3 days now (6500 required for 2000 Avios).

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