100 Free Avios! (and a Chance to Win 300,000 Avios)

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Iberia Plus is offering each and every member 100 free Avios! All you need to do is participate in a contest before 4 December, 2019.

The contest is pretty simple. You simply need to state what your “superstar whim” would be. (in my case, there are at least a dozen airlines I would choose before Iberia Airlines. But I digress…)

A jury will decide 3 winners of up to 300,000 Avios. You can either put some effort into writing an ingenious way of attracting the jury’s attention, or you can simply sign up for the 100 free Avios, that should arrive in late December, 2019.

As always, you can send them over to British Airways Executive Club through “Combine Your Avios“.

To participate, you should click here to be taken to the promotion website. Good luck!


  1. Peter says

    Now let’s just sit and wait for 100 avios to be deducted rather than added, for Iberia Call Centre saying they are unaware of the promotion, e-mails automatically getting rejected because Iberia Plus number was not added in the subject line etc etc.

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