Oops… Tesco Statements are Being Processed, so those who Switched to Virgin Miles for the 1,000 Miles Might Want to Move Fast

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

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Every three months… usually… I write about the opportunity to receive 1,000 free Virgin Atlantic miles from Tesco Clubcard. All you have to do is set your Clubcard preferences to earn Virgin miles. Click here to be reminded of how this works.

Even though members are only supposed to receive 1,000 miles once, many of us have received it over and over. So, in a mea culpa, I must admit that although I was checking a couple of Virgin Atlantic accounts for those free Flying Club miles (that never arrived), I forgot to keep an eye on the Tesco Clubcard statement cycle.

Like me, I suspect that you don’t actually want to automatically receive Virgin Atlantic miles each quarter, but simply pick up the 1,000 mile bonus before switching back to earning vouchers. (that you can convert at your leisure or retain whilst waiting for a conversion bonus)

Unfortunately today I noticed that my Tesco points balance is now zero.

I rushed to set my account preferences back to vouchers…

With luck, the actual Tesco statement run will take place in a few days and I will still receive vouchers. Luckily I only earned a few hundred Tesco points this quarter and do actually need some Virgin miles, but I know that many readers will be earning substantially more Clubcard points and might not want to end up with Virgin Atlantic miles.

If we’re too late, I can only apologise for forgetting to send out my quarterly reminder…


  1. Maggie B says

    Just checked my Tesco account and it looks like my VERY QUICK change over from VFC to vouchers worked. Has anyone else checked their TESCO account?

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