How To Refer Your Friends And Family For ANY Amex Card (Plus Earn Up To 18,000 Points For Doing So!)

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Although the changes Amex made to sign up bonus eligibility undoubtedly impacted many readers, it is still possible to earn a healthy amount of points/miles each year – all you need is a friend (or family member)! I’ve written about the bonuses that Amex offers for referring friends and family before, but I don’t think I’ve ever explained how to practically refer people. I recently had a few emails and comments from readers who have struggled a bit with the process, so this post is designed to show you exactly how to refer your friends and family for any Amex card.

The first thing to do is simply log into your Amex account. Scroll down a little bit and you should see something that says “Refer Friends. Get Rewarded” (highlighted below):

I’m using screenshots from my Amex Platinum account here, but it’s the same process for all cards – the only thing that changes is the number/type of points/miles that you will receive for doing the referring. Click “Refer Now”, then tick the confirmation box and click “Get Your Referral Link”:

You’ll then be given a personalised referral link that you can either copy and share yourself, or email directly to the person you want to refer:

It’s all quite straightforward up until this point.

The bit that some people get confused by is how to refer people for a particular card (eg. how to refer someone for an Amex BA card if you are generating your referral link from an Amex Gold), so here’s how to refer your friends and family for any Amex card.

When the recipient clicks on the link you send them, they’ll see a screen that looks something like this:

On the face of it, it looks like they can only apply for the same type of card that you generated the referral link from (in this example Platinum). But, to apply for any other card, all they need to do is scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Not the right Card for you?” section:

The options that they will initially see there will depend on the type of card (charge, credit, business) that you generated the referral link from, but they can see the full range of options simply by clicking on each of the small “Charge Cards”, “Credit Cards”, “Business Cards” headings:

Note that they will need to scroll down to see all the Credit Card options as there are quite a few to choose from.

The crucial thing from the point of view of the person providing the referral link, is that the referral bonus you receive depends entirely on the card you used to generate the link – not the card the person you referred applies for.

So, for example, if you have an Amex Platinum card, you will receive 18,000 Amex Membership Rewards Points as a referral bonus, regardless of whether you refer someone for the free BA card, the BA Premium Plus, The SPG/Marriott card, the Nectar card, or whatever.

Here is what you can expect as a referral bonus when you generate a referral link from the main travel-related Amex cards:

These referral bonuses get paid as long as the person you refer has their application approved. It is not contingent on them hitting a minimum spend target, or even being eligible for a sign up bonus themselves.

Bottom line

The changes Amex made to sign up bonus eligibility were definitely a big blow to many points/miles collectors in the UK, but hopefully, with some well planned referrals, you can at least still earn a good amount of points throughout the year.


  1. Chris says

    This doesn’t work for me sadly….

    The only option I have on my referral link from Amex Gold is tabs which say ‘other cards’ (platinum or green) and ‘business cards’ (gold or platinum)….

    So due to having no ‘credit card’ option in my referral link I simply can’t refer for the BA Card sadly. So I think this is partly down to luck if you can do this.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Chris,

      That’s weird – is your Gold one of the old charge cards by any chance, rather than the new Golds which are now credit cards?

      I just checked by own Gold (credit) card link again and it’s still working exactly the same as the Plat link I used for the examples in the article.

      • Chris says

        Yep, I’ve got a Gold charge card which I’ve had for a few years… Hmm, maybe that’s it then, maybe I ask to change from the Gold charge card to the Gold credit card instead so I can get the referral link working! Ha… Cheers for your help tho Joe.

  2. Adam says

    Tried this yesterday. Most cards seem to be included, except the straight Rewards CC(s), which I was hoping to refer to to bag the 18m 0%. Out of interest were these included in your used for the above examples? Interested whether it’s just me or it’s the same for others. Cheers

  3. dan says

    Hi All,

    I’d be extremely grateful to anyone who uses my link to apply for UK Amex card(s).

    Amex PLATINUM REWARDS CARD (Annual Fee £450) :
    – Your friend will receive 35,000 Membership Rewards points if they spend £2,000 in their first three months of Card membership.

    Amex GOLD CREDIT CARD (Annual Fee £140 – Free for the first year)
    – Your friend will receive 12,000 when they apply for the American Express® Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card, are approved and spend £3,000 in their first three months of Card membership.

    Thanks for looking.

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