New Airbnb Sign Up Bonus – £34 Off Your First Trip!

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If you are searching for an Airbnb sign up bonus, look no further! Join using this link here and you’ll receive £25 off your first stay of £55+ (feel free to leave your own referral links in the comments – and many thanks as always if you use mine).

Airbnb has also branched out into offering ‘experiences’ as well as accommodation and is now giving new members an additional £9 off an experience costing £36+ when you sign up using the link above.

If you take advantage of both bonuses, you will save a total of £34 off your first Airbnb trip!

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is essentially a platform that allows people to rent out sofas, spare rooms, or entire properties as holiday rentals from other members directly, rather than through an agency. Most people focus on short-term holiday/tourist lets, but the sheer scale of Airbnb these days means it covers pretty much anything you can think of.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in a location that’s a bit off the beaten track, or want to stay in a particular neighbourhood, Airbnb can make the process a lot simpler than it otherwise might be.

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Airbnb is also great for finding an affordable place to stay during big conventions/sports events/etc, when hotels are busy and expensive (indeed that was the original concept behind the company).

I haven’t tried out any of the experiences advertised on Airbnb yet, so please share your thoughts on that side of things in the comments if you have.

Bottom line

I love hotels, but sometimes having a whole apartment/house/boat/villa is a much better option. Being able to go to just one site and flick through a large range of different options, particularly in markets where there aren’t many hotels, is fantastic.

Over the last few years I’ve rented quite a lot of places (20+) through Airbnb all over the world and have had very positive experiences overall. It’s not perfect and certainly isn’t always the best option, but it is a useful extra string to the bow of the savvy traveller.

If you fancy giving Airbnb a try, don’t forget to sign up using a referral link in order to get your £25 and £9 welcome bonuses!


  1. Dal says

    This good deal, hopefully something in Bali. I read they are banned in Thailand although still listings on there. There was a court case which ruled them illegal

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